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  1. @ NeoMaster, Jimmyi is the OFFICIAL Person who makes the PLUS and PERFECT versions of a game. He gets the original ROMs at first, and then he gives the "normal version" free to download. A few days later he also has ready his own version; and these are the PERFECT versions. "SNK vs Capcom Perfect" is a fantastic version made by Jimmyi. It includes 4 more fighters to play, and one completly new charakteur (the demon)!! People who really love NeoGeo will like these games. And you should have a little bit more respect for such great programmers like Jimmyi. He is doing his work for all people who love SNK and NeoGeo; and this for free.
  2. @ everyone, these LINKs are not dead!! www.romman.net is a very good site, but sometimes the downloads are occupied (because a lot of people are downloading at the same time). But when you try to get the ROM a few times, then you will get the ROM. And I loaded there a looooot of Roms (with Internet Explorer and without Downloadmanager)!! @ K´dash, you should know that the downloads can be occupied. (shame, shame, shame)
  3. In the PLUS-Version you have a few Fighters more to play!! (In the normal version you cant play with the last Fighters or the Boss) And you need for some ROMs from this site a PASSWORD when you unzipp the ROM-package: The PASSWORD is: www.romman.net Have a lot of fun
  4. You need Metal Slug 5??? Then go to this site..... http://www.romman.net/rom/rom.asp?type=MAME&List=3 There is also King of Fighers 2003 (the Plus Version!!) And also watch to this site. There are a lot of NeoGeo-PlusVersions: http://www.romman.net/rom/rom.asp?type=Neogeo&List=3
  5. Go to this site and you can get the >>PLUS-Version<< from "King of Fighters 2003" http://www.romman.net/rom/rom.asp?type=MAME&List=3 (There is also the METAL SLUG 5 ROM!! For those who still havent it)
  6. The game is very good, but toooo short !! I only needed 15 minutes to complet the game (at my first play on normal-difficulty), and the game has too less stages. The new 3-Change-Fightersystem is innovativ and makes fun.
  7. Since 1 february you can get "King of Fighters 2003" from this LINK: Link not allowed - Diso I loaded the ROM with MOZILLA, and the GAME works 100% !! (its great) have a nice day.... (This is my second post that I write from this ROM, my first post for this ROM got erased on this site, but I dont know why) This ROM realy works !! (I played it)
  8. Klick on my LINK and you get King of Fighters 2003, http://www.5game.net/down/SoftView/SoftView_1542.html
  9. Its not a dead link, try it with "Internet Explorer" and without a "Download-Manager". I tried the link 1 minute ago, and it worked. And when you have ALL done, go into this file "ms5mame" (ini-file !!) there you see ### Windows video options ### and there is the "resolution", write for the resolution 1024x768, then you have a good fullscreen with 1024x768
  10. 100%-working METAL SLUG 5 with Joypad-playable !! First go to: http://emulacity.redtotalonline.com/main.php and load "Pack emu+rom Mslug5" then go to: http://www.geocities.com/da_evil_cookie_monster/ and load the "mame.zip" after that extract at first only the PACK, and delete this 3 files: "mame" and "E++" and "cfg" after that replace for the deletet files the "mame.zip" from cookie_monster (extract it into) (because this files make Metal Slug 5 playable with a Joypad !!) have a nice day, Allen If you need help, ask me (it works!!)
  11. You get the "Samurai Shodown 5" and "Metal Slug 5" ROM on this site: http://emulacity.redtotalonline.com/ngtool.../php/roms_3.php There are also: SNK vs Capcom Matrimelee Rage of Dragon King of Fighters 2001 + 2002 Croching Tiger Hidden Dragon Metal Slug 4
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