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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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could you take a second to listen to my sad story.


I have a virus called lorez, and ever since I had it, I cant install programs.

therefore I cant download RAR files, since I cant open them.

I managed to download KOF 2003, but I need the emulator MAME32PLUS.


could someone please give me a link to this emulator, in a zip format.


and if you could, can you put the dat files in it, or anything that I need to just place the rom, and play the game.


Many thanks in advanced,

my email is Marloncobos@hotmail.com

you can add me to I.M so we can transffer the file.

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every try house call, the online virus scanner? because its online it can clean viruses your on board scanner cant, since some viruses disable the one on your comp. give it a go.


and here's the symantec page on it. it has removal instructions.



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First page, all the answers are in the thread. And most of people don't feel like repeating


Edit: the infinity time gfx isnt that bad.

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