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What Kind Of Ad Scanner Do U Use?


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i use


X-cleaner and then ad-ware 6.0


also norton 2004 system works full scan see if it picks up anything as well :D

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u can use both?


I used to have spybot and everytime i opened it a message would pop up


"you have ad-ware installed, conflictions yadda yadda yadda uh huh..."


soo ignore those messages and just continue?

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Is Spybot Free.If It Is,Where Can I Get It?



Violence, you should only run one at a time. If either of them do realtime scanning (like an antivirus would) I'd just pick one to always run.


What I do is just run one then run the other every couple weeks or when things act fishy, indicating spyware lurking around on my system.

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