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my brother found a sega genesis in his apartment..


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my brother's roomate moved out a couple months ago, and he left a genesis that he bought off ebay. what are good games i should pick up? i always had snes growing up never was into genesis.


btw it came with....

i think ALL maddens, nba live 95, nhl 95 (really fun, even better if youre a fan of the movie 'swingers') joe montana football, and this six-in-1 game with shinobi, streets of rage and a bunch of other games.


any suggestions?

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Hyperwolf's list which I agree with completely, but I'd add these too-


Beyond Oasis

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (i love this game)

Pulseman if you can find it

Alien Soldier

Bio Hazard Battle

Shining Force 2


and get Gunstar Heroes asap, I'd get a genesis just or that game even though

it's really short.

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If you can find it, you have to get Rock & Roll racing


<That's a point............seing as it is possible to rip data from a cartridge to your computer, would it technically be possible to do it the other way round? Of course, you'd need blank cartridges, they'd be hard to find!>

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