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Virtua Fighter 4:Evo VS Tekken 4


What game do you like the best?.  

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Since the seems to be some VS topics popping up i thought id start my own one, and as you can see from the topic its what beat em up out of tekken 4 or virtua fighter 4 evolution do you think is the best??.


For me i have to go with virtua fighter 4 evo, it has so much dept to its gameplay, and when you master someone like akira it just feels so great, i've always liked the virtua fighter games over the tekken games cos they always had more dept, don't get me wrong, i love the tekken games too, but i like the VF games better, imo VF4:Evo is the best 3d beat em up out atm.

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tekkan 4 is more interesting storywise also...


the 'virtual' part of the virtual fighters put me off...


besides, i 'm off to buy PS2 and rip tekkan 4 off my friend tomorrow

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No just because the VF series makes me sick. Bleh. I enjoy the juggling in tekken. Its my opinion, doesnt mean you have to like it. Too bad yours is wrong :)


PS- I loathe the Eddy Gordo button mashers. I show no mercy to button mashers. ;)

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