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The anime video game thread

random guy

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By the way, I went thru that site that had the astro-boy GBA game...it's got some cool games. It has lots of anime-themed games.


Here are the ones I got > Revenge of Shinobi, Initial D, Detective Conan, Card Captor Sakura, Initial D, International Karate Advanced (okay not anime, but cool), Robotech, Dragonball Z (but it didn't work).


It also had lots of pokemon and Yu-gi-oh games, but that's not my thing.


Also, here is a list of non-anime cartoon related games (and games that I just think are cool) on that site:


Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob Squarepants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom, Rugrats go Wild, Rugrats - I gotta go Party, The Wild Thornberries the Movie, Shrek Hassle At The Castle, Inspector Gadget Racing, Inspector Gadget Advanced Mission, Pink Panther Pinkadelic Purrsuit, Extreme Ghostbusters, Road Rash Jail Break, The Hobbit, Duke Nukem Advance

The Cat In The Hat


Here are some games that I think it is just plain weird that there are games of them at all, let alone on that site:


Who wants to be a millionare, American Idol, Barbie Horse Adventure (or something), Mary Kate & Ashley, Sweet 16


By the way, the front page is at -Link removed. Read board rules-

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Okay, I think you'll be pleased, Alexis! There are all 4 snes versions of the game at "Cherryroms" ( -Link removed. Read board rules-). You have to register but it is free and you get access to hundreds of roms. If you really don't want to register or you are having trouble pm me and I may tell you my password or just send you the roms.


BOTH the genesis versions are at -Link removed. Read board rules- (again you have to sign up but it is worth it - again contact me if you have trouble).

The genesis roms are hard to find. Once you sign up, go to console - genesis roms... in the next window, choose "Japanese titles" or something like that.


There seems to be no sign of the SegaCD/3DO titles on the visible web...if anyone knows how to find these titles for her please post something here.


Okay thats it for now (that has to be almost every Yuu Yuu Hakusho game apart from the 3DO/SegaCD versions :P )

Yuu Yuu 3DO Pics

Only find these sorry bro just these :D

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Mmm..yeah it does seem to be a difficult rom to find...but surely SOMEONE who visits the Emu Rom Hub must have it...anyway thanks for posting, and I assure both you and Alexis that as soon as I find Yu Yu for 3DO you guys'll know about it.

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Great job Random Guy! Im suprised so few have replied here. Dont forget all the Super Robot Wars games, They have robots from all the old shows like Mazinger, Gaiking and getta Robo aswell as Gundam. Im looking for a ps version now.


Also on the snes is Battle dodge ball 2 and SD Chara Wars, both these have Devilman in them, I already have them but Id just like to let everyone now about them.


Keep up the good work.

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Hey, thanks for replying.


Yeah, I kinda gave up on this thread because no-body was replying, but now that I've had some feedback, I might have to get some more links.

Although the thing is I am using DC++ more and more lately, and the web has been abandoned. But I'll see what I can dredge up.

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