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The anime video game thread

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Okay, my first post after the server problems here...and its a good one.


Well, first of all -Link removed. Read board rules- has a macross SNES game.


Have a look at -Link removed. Read board rules-. They have 2 macross games for MAME, one for the SNES, one for the Gameboy Colour, one for the Gameboy Advance, one for the Bandai Wonderswan portable, and one for the Turbo CD (Turbographix 16).


More wil come later, I'm gonna go play some games :)

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Guess what I found?


click here, scroll down to number 1332 and download it. Why, you ask? Because it is (apparently) an intro hacked version of the brand-new (ish) Astro Boy game - Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom - for the GBA!


that site has a lot of other good GBA dls as well...check it out.

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well it may be, there is an astroboy game for gba but dunno if it is even released


I've downloaded it from the above site, played it,and it is cool. It is in Japanese unfortunately but it is very cool nonetheless.


You have to get this game, it works fine on my Visualboy Advance emulator, the music is good and the moves you can do put other side-scrollers to shame.


I actually went through half a dozen sites which had this rom before I found one which was relatively hassle-free to download (by the way you may have to join up but I don't think so). Aah, the internet. :)

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