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The anime video game thread

random guy

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I thought it would be cool to have a thread just for people who wanna trade games based on animes or with similar anime-style graphics. Or for links to them.


Here is a short-list of my anime-video games.


Name Console

------ ------------


Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle SNES

Ranma 1/2 Ultimate Battle SNES

Ranma 1/2 Battle (?) SNES

Ranma 1/2 Treasure of the Red SNES

Cat Gang

Ranma Nibon no Ichi Sega CD (too bad its in Japanese!)



Space Adventure Cobra Sega CD

Snatcher (not based on an anime, Sega CD

but cool enough)

Fist of the North Star PSX

Gundam W: Endless Duel SNES

Gundam W: Something (?) PSX

Sailor Moon 1 & 2 SNES

Sailor Moon RPG SNES

(trying to get) Kenshin PSX

Captain Tsubasa NES

Captain Tsubasa 2,3,4+5 SNES

Captain Tsubasa CD Sega CD

Dragon Ball Z 1,2 SNES

Dragon Ball Z (Actually I PSX

don't have it yet but I can

tell you where to get it)



Feel free to post here and I'll either provide you with a link or the files to any of these games...anyone else feel free to post your sites or requests up here as well.

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Okay I've had 3 views but no posts so far.


Maybe I should post a couple of sites just to tempt you guys - check out

-Links removed. Read board rules-

- it has Uritsei Sakura My Dear Friends, Ranma 1/2 and Captain Tsubasa. They are all in Japanese, unfortunately, but once you figure out what the commands do Tsubasa is pretty playable. PM me if you can't work it out.


-Links Removed. Read board rules-. No actual dls on the site but a ton of info and links to anime-style (mainly RPG) roms and isos.


-Link removed. Read board rules-. So far, these guys have traslated the MSX version of the classic MSX game Snatcher. (you can get an english version with full speech at http://www.the-underdogs.org in ---special, ---non PC Underdogs). But better yet they are working on the sequel (or prequel), policenauts, for both PSX AND Sega Saturn!!


Well I hope to see some posts soon (not that it's been that long). See ya.

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Also, check out -Link removed. Read board rules- for isos of Gundam W, Tenchu AND Fist of the North Star (Playstation) in easy downloadable, segmented formats!

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Yeah, I wanna attract some more users to this thread. It has been pretty dead so far. Thanks for posting, and for the alluring promise, maybe THAT will bring in the crowd.


Oh and if you talk to anyone on the forum, tell them to come to the Anime Video Game thread, and hopefully post a little :D

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