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The anime video game thread

random guy

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This has Saint Seiya for the Gameboy (Classic). It also has games for Ranma 1/2, Card Captor Sakura, all 4 gb Hakushos, Evangellion, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Record of Lordoss War, Magic Night Rayearth...that's a lot of anime games. Too bad they're only gb games.


Right here there is a Saint Seiya project for Mugen


I thought I found the GBA version here, but now I don't know what it is (may be te Mugen thing again).


The above site is cool. I suggest you join, but be prepared to log in to a site that doesn't use English. If you have problems pm me and I'll send you the file. I think you'll agree that it is worth signing up tho, as they have two dragon ball z psx games, Final Fantasy Tactics AND Final Fantasy Origins! <Hope they're not in Spanish tho>


There are 2 NES (and one GB <probably the same one as the other one>) roms here but they are in Japanese.


The nearest I could find to a translation was at http://mangas.chez.tiscali.fr/anglais/atraduct.htm...but at this point it is only 5% done (downloadable tho).


Enjoy :P

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Hey Alexis, do you know how to upload images from your hard drive? I wanted to put up some pictures of Astro Boy - I got it working allmost full-screen under 2xSai mode and it looked pretty good!

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I just don't seem to have that option. I looked in help and it said, "if the administrator has allowed it, you will see an option to attach a file."


Would there be some reason why "the administrator"<sounds like something out f an action movie: Arnold Schwartzenegger is The Administrator :( > is not allowing me to add attachments?

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