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Raine 0.90 went to oblivion... !


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The topic where I had posted the last binaries disappeared, and it took me a while to notice...

I thought about uploading it to the usual place these days, but I hadn't noticed the topic even disappeared !

So here is directly raine 0.90.2, probably the ultimate version, I guess a 1.0 version would use sdl2, but there are tons of things to rewrite, it could be done quicker by writing something less efficient but it's not the way of raine, so it will probably never happen, at least not any time soon.
The link is as usual there for the download page : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html

For those who missed it, the huge change in 0.90 explaining the huge jump in version numbers is finally the availability of a pure C version, which can then be compiled in 64 bits and which is totally portable to anything then, that's the big problem with asm, portability.
Except that the other big thing is that raine knows how to find some roms on internet (from the internet archives for those which are officially hosted there). All the neogeo roms are available. From a fresh install with an empty rom directory, this version is able to download any neogeo game + its bios if required.
I had to reinstall my cross compiler to create these binaries, so I created a topic on the subject in case it's useful to anyone who would want to do the same, and so that I don't forget if I have to do this again one day... the advantage is that last time I had only a 64 bits compiler for windows, this time the 32 bits version is back too, so you get 2 versions at the same time, normally there shouldn't be a noticeable difference between the 2, but inside they are totally different, a ton of asm code for the 32 bits one, and only C and C++ for the 64 bits one.

Ah also if you ever want to use some japenese character in the gui, you need to change the default font to something containing japenese characters, there is a separate topic for that in the forum, I can't provide such a font because most of them are not free, and they are huge compared to the Vera font ! + it's easy to replace, most of the fonts in the default windows fonts directory should work.

I also uploaded a version of the history.dat file in the extras section with the names fixed for raine where I found any problem, also it's much smaller than the official file, just install it in the raine directory if you are interested, and then you get info from the About section when a game is loaded.

There are also quite a few fixes as usual in this 0.90 branch, I won't describe everything here, go see the git log if you are interested...

It should be the last raine version normally, unless we get 6 months of confinement and I get really too bored ! ;-)

edit 2 : and re-uploaded the 2 binaries because I forgot the locale directory inside !

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Yeah I still have it too, thanks, everything should be fixed anyway now, thanks again Robert !

11 minutes ago, Robert said:

I still have the Windows binary here, from when we did some testing and fixes. But you never posted the fixed-up version.

Were you able to access your site?



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Hi, the 32-bit version is stamped 0.90.1 and not 0.90.2.

Another thing: what is the difference between this (new 64 bits) version and 0.90.2 available on 11/20/2019 (crc32: 89d34ad6) , the version number being the same ???


ps: miss unibios v4.0, 3.3,.3.2 and unibioscd 3.3 in the bios list^^

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Argh, sorry for the version error, I edited the makefile too late, but that's the only change from the binary posted, the version number, my bad, too many things at the same time...
I think I'll re-upload a binary for that with the right version number later, just so that things are cleaner.

For the changes from 11/20/2019, well it was a 64 bit version only 1st, for the rest, there ae quite a few changes, I was tempted to send you to the git log, but I agree that the default version in github is a little terse, you need to click on the commits to get the details and it's not super convenient, so here is the current log until november 20th...

Yeah I add missed a few bioses, not sure all of them are useful for an emu though, the 3.2 had only changes useful for the real hardware compared to the 3.1, but I hadn't time to look at the changes in detail... I added them anyway... ok I am good to reupload something then, at least it goes much faster than before, thanks for the post then !

edit : it's done, called the new upload 0.90.3 even if the only change is just the new bioses, just to make sure you have the new one.


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For info, a new bug was just fixed, when loading a neocd game which changes its resolution after being loaded you got a totally distorted screen.

This was related to a change on may 3rd 2019, so I guess I can take a little longer to produce a new binary for that (the fix is very short, it's just a misplaced function call).

Found by someone working on a port, good news, I was hoping it would happen ! :)

I'll try to make a new binary, probably tomorrow, this post is just so that nobody takes the time to report this one.

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Thank you so much for the continuing work on Raine, Tux.

I saw the news about the 0.90 version in Emu France a while back and then when I finally went to check the forum the thread was gone, lol! What in the world happened with that thread?

About version 0.90.4, here's my short feedback:

- My CPS2 games are not loading. I have a lot of "applied speed hack 0 at 8" messages in the screen when I load a CPS2 game and then (sometimes) "speed hack not found, slowing down..." and the game will never load. But I can see the screen which shows game release data. Have you updated the romsets for the 0.90 version? I didn't see this in the changelog, but perhaps it is not finding a specific file which was updated from 0.64.16 to the 0.90 version? (edit 1: I saw the other thread about SFA3 and it seems you have already fixed this issue!)

- In the "About" menu you forgot to update the "copyright" year to 2020.

- I've noticed that when the desktop scaling in Windows is not set to 100%, Raine will also follow the configured scaling. For example, if your desktop is scaled to 125%, Raine will also be scaled for that and then in fullscreen mode the picture will get out of bounds. I work around this by changing the scaling to 100% when playing with Raine, even though Windows recommends 125% for 1080p screens (because otherwise things get very tiny in Windows). I'm reporting this in case it could be worked around within the emulator itself in a future release. (edit 2: this report was based in the 0.64.16 version. In version 0.90.4 this issue with Windows scaling seems fixed!).

- I was having many background sprites not working with The Last Blade 2 for NGCD in version 0.64.16. Now everything is ok! :)

That's it for now.

Thank you again for the new release. I hope people now can port Raine to Android, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita and many other systems.

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