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Raine 0.90 went to oblivion... !


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10 hours ago, mer-curious said:

One last thing, when I add a gamepad button for "save game" in the Raine inputs the GUI doesn't update with the current game pad mapping, but it does work during the game. I suppose this might be a GUI glitch, no? Because it does update the GUI when I insert a game pad mapping for "load game".


Thank you so much again for your time. 😉

It's fixed, but I forgot do do it before the release, it's very minor anyway, just a typo error which was unnoticed for very long, the update is done but it doesn't show in the dialog, you can just exit from the dialog then call it again and the input will show. It will be in next release. And the change for associations is in 0.91.1 of course !

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