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  1. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.5

    it's just to keep you informed that I tell you (and here it is the dlls that are the problem), enfin bref tu m'as compris quoi. a+
  2. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.5

    hi, I was able to have time to test under xp (I specify that I am also under windows 10-11, so I do it to give feedback). The dll pack in 32 bits does not work correctly under xp, there is this error: https://ibb.co/Y7r4T9t with the old dll pack this launches but the colors seem strange to me (subject): https://ibb.co/YN295g2 apart from that, the emulator seems functional to me
  3. there is still a way, but it won't last forever, that's for sure ^^
  4. pmc2

    ARCADE64 0.242

    Hi, robbbert: for your files, I saw that a new version was released (to be compiled, however), if you are interested. https://github.com/qmc2/qmc2-mame-fe/releases
  5. for unibios, you should just ask the folks at FBN especially they are very approachable. https://discord.gg/V3crddnxkW
  6. for me, the background color has disappeared on the 32-bit version (there is no more blue), that'all ^^
  7. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.1 !

    I tried with two players but I don't think that changes a few things. It does it in 32 bits apparently...I will retest in detail!
  8. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.1 !

    samsho4 ncd I wanted to say
  9. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.1 !

    hello; I tested samsho4 sp I got on 3 launches with start of game: 1/ crash while selecting players 2/ it worked ! 3/ the sprites disappeared (and only appeared when a key was pressed) just for information (it's difficult to reproduce but if it gives an idea...). thanks
  10. pmc2

    Raine 0.93

    Test and see! ^^ Package work with 93, update or not
  11. pmc2

    Sorry, 0.92.6 already !

    remove gamecontrollerdb.txt and try again.
  12. Post scriptum: Everyone may not care but for information, this report was made thanks to AirDuel. Wawah is a usurper and a pathetic character who loves the camera too much, I wanted to say it.
  13. pmc2

    Sorry, 0.92.6 already !

    hi, you should also add the history, that would be in my opinion better given that you add the hiscore and the command ^^
  14. pmc2

    Raine 0.92.4

    hi, unfortunately this version is clearly worse than the previous one for controls, there is no doubt. In fact, the controls no longer work correctly again. We can adjust all the keys in the menu, but it does not match in games (at the level of the directional cross). edit: well I delete all the config and I start again and again, and I see, it may be a conflict.I will keep you posted edit2: remove gamecontrollerdb.txt and joypad D work again. So file is useless in my case (but what should it be used for originally?). Ps: I noticed that there are no more "mappings" in the root
  15. pmc2

    Raine 0.92.2

    yes there was only one visible (or rather two but named in the same way so controlling the first influenced the second) whereas now it's like with 91.21, it works correctly from every point of view.
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