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  1. Excuse me but we're not going to have this debate every time, I explained to you 50x that it's a feedback I'm giving you. I don't give a damn about xp or anything else, so either you take this remark as a simple "plus" or you tell me that my remarks on xp bother you (which I can understand) and that's it haha Now for my part I start from the same principle as retroarch and its compatibility of old systems. if it is possible (especially here it is really simple) and even if it affects a user in the universe I arrange for it to be good, I know perfectly well that at some point it is the ultimate end but in the case of raine it is not yet that moment. Moreover, contrary to what you think and beyond the risks etc, many asian still use xp, your emulator is used more than you think here too ^^
  2. dll is not xp compatible again ^^(old are ok). I think you should put the pack for xp on your site, it would be easier (and eventually I will test for you if the new ones are functional from time to time). https://pixeldrain.com/u/npsvX5pd
  3. yes it's a lost cause in principle but since it works just because of dlls, as long as it works it's still better to use them, especially since the new dlls, as you know, don't actually bring anything to raine
  4. ^^ for your information, the new dlls do not work with XP (error gettickcount64), ok with previous.
  5. otherwise, history 251 is available
  6. but no history inside zip ^^
  7. re, I confirm that it works with this new pack. Just for my personal information, I see that there are several more dlls here, are they useful insofar as there was no need for them before? thanks
  8. I told you about it months ago but I think you were upset that it didn't work so good...yes there is a problem and here too: only these dlls work without worries: https://www.sendspace.com/file/jn8bf6 (or permanent) I will therefore test with the recompilation of the binary (when it will be available) because for the moment it does not work (with the 94.7 of October 16). I remind you that I test under xp THAT to bring you this kind of thing, I use other OS
  9. Thanks Robbbert ! pity that "the crab" does not really help (quite the contrary I would say) to the realization of slightly alternative projects...
  10. hello and thx. I can't load two neogeo cd games in a row, the emulator "can't find the iso" on the second game launched then crashes. On the other hand, if I restart the emu between each new game, no worries, cache problem or other? test on multiple machines.
  11. Hi, if i can afford, you should ditch the version system a la mame and use a simple build date system like 'build YYMMDD' AMHO ^^
  12. Salut and thanks, maybe you should use a system like the mame history (v2.46 = 0.246 etc) it would be clearer for users because de facto we understand that it is the official mame without necessarily being identical. this is just an opinion of course. Otherwise robert, I saw in the source of mame 246 that neomania and neoprint are in the misc directory, except I think they should be in that of the neogeo, do you think this is an oversight on the part of those who have reorganized? That doesn't seem very consistent to me...is this normal or to be corrected? (sorry for my bad english ;))
  13. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.5

    it's just to keep you informed that I tell you (and here it is the dlls that are the problem), enfin bref tu m'as compris quoi. a+
  14. pmc2

    Raine 0.93.5

    hi, I was able to have time to test under xp (I specify that I am also under windows 10-11, so I do it to give feedback). The dll pack in 32 bits does not work correctly under xp, there is this error: https://ibb.co/Y7r4T9t with the old dll pack this launches but the colors seem strange to me (subject): https://ibb.co/YN295g2 apart from that, the emulator seems functional to me
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