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MAMEUI 0.218


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MAMEUI 0.218 is released.





There were some changes but I've forgotten what they were - I've had rather a lot on my mind with the wildfires and the terrible heat and humidity.

I've had to disable the creation of CPU.ini - it seems that one of the 6 new CPUs created this month in Mame is faulty. This issue caused MameUI to crash at start.


If anyone wants to make a 32-bit build, please post the links here in this thread.


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Seems to be a little bug in MameUI. Setting more than a single path in swpath at machine.ini, when you want to open a file the explorer opens the snap directory. For example in cpc6128.ini:

-Media view, Floppy disk1,Mount file:

swpath                    Z:\Juegos\Amstrad\Disks    -->  Works great, opens the Disk folder

swpath                    Z:\Juegos\Amstrad\Disks; Z:\Juegos\Amstrad\Tapes    -->  Opens the snap folder

Happened in .0217 as well.

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OK, been fixed for 0.219


To clarify how multiple swpaths work -

Multiple paths ONLY work for the SW Files tab.

Everywhere else (Media view, Newui, official Mame) - only the first path is used, the remainder being ignored.


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