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  1. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.236

    So if Red Earth (Asia 961121, NO CD) now is working we would would see the roms being released & so far they haven't plus even the code hasn't been added on git hub so we'll just have to wait for devs to do it simple as that.
  2. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.236

    has ARCADE been updated to use the history xml instead of the dat file?
  3. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.236

    ok thanks robert i'll dive into adding those when i move everything to my new hard drive
  4. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.236

    Software lists detected in ARCADE build are these actual arcade games as never bothered with them before ?
  5. Agard

    About refresh rates

    The metal slug series is well known for slowdowns & it's the same in the arcade google it & you'll find out the same answer
  6. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.236

    Thanks Robert for ARCADE 0.236
  7. Hi there RobotUltraman do you have skype & Team Viewer as I will hep you so link at bottom to my skype i'm available all day tuesday & wednesday & thursday https://join.skype.com/OzfewneHxlCh
  8. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.235

    i sorted it robert. thanks
  9. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.235

    can you give info on what i have to do when i find a bug please. Thanks
  10. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.235

    Hi there just been playing ( kung-fu master ) kungfum & while loading the game the screen goes red the back to normal plus when you get hit with a knife the screen goes red so can somone confirm & report. thanks.
  11. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.235

    Hi there can someone report that ( Hidden Catch 2 ) hidctch2 you cannot change the game mode to english & the demo mode to english but works fine in the clone version hidctch2a. Thank you
  12. Agard

    ARCADE 0.234

    yes but Hyperscorpio it's marked as working so i wanted someone to confirm it's marked wrong & submit it as I don't know how too. I do hope Robert you do add ( Samurai Showdown V Perfect ) to ARCADE 0.235 as it should be included in my opinion with a location test machine known
  13. Agard

    ARCADE 0.234

    Hopefully someone else can confirm they are marked wrong as I haven't got a clue how to report it, but that's what came up when trying to play those 2. Thanks
  14. Agard

    ARCADE 0.234

    Hi there Robert i've just been playing the ( Golden Tee Fore ) Games but games roms ( gtfore04 ) ( gtfore04a ) ( gtfore05 ) are marked as working but I get an error saying ( gtfore04 : g44-us-u.u53 (2176 bytes) - NOT FOUND - NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN ) I have no missing roms for these as have checked with clrmamepro so there must be something else wrong or mis labelled as working when they're not so can you look into these please Robert. Thanks
  15. Agard

    ARCADE 0.234

    Thank you so much Robert & I'm pretty sure other members will appreciate it too.
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