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  1. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    Clearly i got something wrong somewhere as it created nvram ok on arcade 0.219 on different pc i will do a clean up & use all new files from arcade 0.222. once i have done that & it still crashes i'll take a video & show you if it still happens Thanks Robert
  2. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    Thanks robert. Please let me know what you did as I know last time it took quite a few attempts but this time it crashes. THANKS
  3. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    Did you remove any hacks from Jet Wave, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 and Winding Heat ? as ARCADE keeps crashing & won't create nvram for these games as you said you was gonna remove Robert. Or any help in creating nvram please & thanks Also will Samurai Shodown V Special (Final Edition, location test) be added to Arcade ?
  4. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    hopefully if there's anymore people will come forward & let us know. nice catch Imh0tep
  5. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    quite a lot has been removed 25gb using clrmamepro so gotta be mistakes & yes ambush is 1 of them
  6. Agard

    ARCADE 0.222

    A big Thank you for Arcade 0.222
  7. ( Valkyrie no Densetsu ) ( valkyrie ) works with cheat enabled now cheats have been updated
  8. Thanks Robbert. Could You Check This Game out for me please & other people too check it & see if you get errors too. ( Valkyrie no Densetsu ) ( valkyrie ) if you have cheats enabled in properties for all games you get an error or is it just happening to me ? Thanks
  9. Hi there Robert hope you & your family are well in these uncertain times. I read your post about HBMAME & seen u released 0.221A..... Are you doing the same for ARCADE ? Someone has gotta come up with some programs to make things easier for all MAME DEVS Anyways Thanks
  10. it's weird that mame says working with problems as to me they are totally unplayable with the stuttering that much, there needs a benchmark to be set from a pc that's priced at a reasonable price & what an average user would have not something costing thousands just to say working with problems. I'm a long time fan of mame & the preservation of games so I can wait till they come playable but thanks for looking into it as I thought they were more playable than they are from previous comments posted. THANKS Robert
  11. Turns out my hard drive 750gb was partitioned off for some reason i think it backed up my 1st hard drive so deleted partition & turned off back up hard drive so now I have 1.2tb free space to put ARCADE all on there now rather than having it on my 2013 i5 laptop, it's on my faster pc 2018 i7 with 8 3.0 usb ports so 4 controllers 2 steering wheels 2 light guns. so happy now. I couldn't figure how to do it though but i don't need it now. THANKS Robert
  12. Hi there is it possible to put chd files into another directory ?
  13. how long does it take Jet Wave, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 and Winding Heat to create nvram ? god that took a few attempts but are the games stuttering when playing ?
  14. Big Thanks for latest ARCADE 0.221 build.
  15. Thanks for the latest build.
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