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  1. Agard

    ARCADE 0.245

    Maybe a mass message to all users should go out for a poll as thinking about it now not everyone updated there roms each month, some leave for 6 months & some for a year, so let's see how many come out & say they don't like the change & want another POLL. ARCADE should mean everything that is associated with an Arcade. That's my opinion Also a txt file could be attached to the build saying PLEASE READ as not everyone gets there build from here & missed the POLL/ But hey it's done now & it's taken my ages to get all the roms. THANKS
  2. Agard

    ARCADE 0.245

    Thanks Robert for ARCADE 0.245 Wow loads removed & missing. pmsl Why are they trying to kill off winui ?
  3. isn't it on a home brew mame version or a bootleg what you're wanting ? look on youtube for those moves & you should find which rom is used
  4. Agard

    ARCADE 0.244

    Hyperscorpio I would like to start compiling ARCADE can you make a video of you compiling the next time you do it please & share it. Thanks
  5. Agard

    Arcade Survey

    I demand a 5th question question 5 if the vote doesn't go your way should the poll be run again yes/no pmsl let the fun begin & the questions asked why does ARCADE now include....... only joking on question 5 ARCADE = Everything playable on screen ? Is this a fair description of ARCADE now ?
  6. Agard

    Arcade Survey

    I think a mass pm should be sent out as when you implement the vote, it will get why has this changed that changed. But vote has been up a while now
  7. Agard

    ARCADE 0.244

    Thanks Robert for ARCADE 0.244 but I'm on holiday at the moment so will download on 7th June.
  8. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.243

    It looks like Performan is fixed compared to how it was but i'm no expert on Performan Robert but it does say partially guessed video adjustment.
  9. Agard

    Arcade Survey

    Hi Robert when you mean fruit games you only mean those that work on a screen & not the one's that work by motors/mechanical ?
  10. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.243

    Well someone gave someone a push to fix this mamesick !! I wonder who it was ? What's broken in Performan & does it affect both sets mamesick ? Why is Performan broken & the rest fixed too ? Also did they use any of your fix mamesick ?
  11. i've never used f12 i always use prtscsysrq button on my keyboard or on other keyboards it might be print screeen button
  12. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.243

    2 of my favourite games Slap Fight/Alcon & Tiger Heli so we'll see when I get back off hols if fixed. Thanks Robert
  13. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.243

    Thanks mamesick it was clearly not tested before the changes but an easy fix as you said for now, I think Robert will use it hopefully prompting whoever it was assigned to make the calculations & a proper fix, but weird MAME won't use it until then.
  14. Agard

    ARCADE64 0.243

    Tiger Heli visable screen is incorrect as if you move all the way to thr right your heli goes off screen. Some of the pixels from the right side of the screen is on the left side of the screen. Pic showing pixels from right side of screen on left side of screen. https://postimg.cc/qgzpsXJV Pic showing heli dissapearing on right side of screen you can just see the blades of the heli. https://postimg.cc/B8Ydbk18 Pic showing heli on left side of screen https://postimg.cc/tYjmqpmS Can you please look into it & if i'm right report it Robert Thanks
  15. Agard

    Arcade Survey

    I agree yes to 1 & 2 & 3 as it does say ARCADE & you'll find all of those in an ARCADE. Well at least you used to. No to 4 Pinball as not playable.
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