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CoinOPS 5 Countdown

gamez fan

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A 50Gb download, just to discover that everything's pretty much the same as before??


Not I. :P

If that was the case, one would already have most of the roms and whatnot from the previous version, and so the download would not be very large.


However, I pity the noobs.


well, i'm gonna sacrifice my 80gig former arcade xbox for this release. this way i can finally see the 'vision'... or what ever you call it. if all else fails... i'll reformat the my F drive if it gives me trouble!

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... i'll reformat the my F drive if it gives me trouble!


If you've got any of madmab's emulators on there, it'll most probably do that for you! :-D


no worries... i don't use this 80gig xbox for my main xbox arcade machine. i have 5 xboxes, 1 for the arcade, 1 for my living room, 2 are 'bork'd', and the 80gig. it'll make the sacrifice of the ages...

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He's not saying much lately.. maybe run into problems?

he has a private section on his forum for "trusted members" i would assume thats where all the info and dev updates are posted

from what ive read the release has been put back to some time in november something to do with new videos

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Trusted members? I suppose anything is possible.





Atari 2600

Atari Lynx

Atari ST

Atari XL



Commodore 64



Game Gear


Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Color


Master System

Mega CD


Megadrive 32X


NeoGeo Pocket


Nintendo 64

PC Engine

PC Engine CD


Sega SG-1000


Super Nintendo

Vic 20





all now have default marquess......if you dont have the GameNAME.png it will display a default marque for each system....I also have them for Manufactures and Genre definable if I end up switching it on....could do them for anything...marquees are supported on all skins

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no, i've never seen that set up anywhere... it's completely original, just like coinops.


i hope bp makes it so we as the consumer can ajust the font size and location of the fonts. those look way to close to the edge.


bp, take it from someone who 'just knows how to make skins & icons'. the fonts will be cut off on most screens. i know the screen could be adjusted but from a balanced look it's off. also, where the 'http' is above, it's empty. perhaps make like this:




i don't know where this comes from. (i assume it's from a pc emu) but the vids and the list are balanced and the empty space isn't as much as a void. you still have time til november. get to work and impress me!


perhaps i'll have to make a skin for this when it comes out... that is if bp doesn't lock that ability out.



p.s. i just gave him a idea... i hope i get some credit in the release notes!

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