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What is the best GAMEPAD for PC?

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i use the saitek p220. 6 button layout like the saturn makes it awesome for capcom fighters plus 2 shoulder buttons come in use ofr macros such as "all punches" etc. d pads a bit chunky thouigh and needs some wearing in - you really need to do the entire motion fully when doing 180 and 360 type rotations. it also has a fancy auto gear shifter up to 4 gears for racers. only 15 quid too

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<_< saitek p220 is the best i have found in terms of funcionality whit the d pad and the buttos as well, its have the 6 buttons alingned exactli as the capcom arcade so is relatively very easy to do the combos in most capcom games. also the d pad is more precisa than other control pad in the market, the price is $ 10 bucks in any store specially circuit cityp220.jpg

its also have two buttons r and l in the top

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The MS Sidewinder is crap...if they improved the D-pad it would almost be worth the $15 you pay.

Heh... :) My Sidewinder's D-Pad has never given me any problems and every motion comes out smoothly.

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