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  1. awesome thank you so much. i found this, i dont know if this is what you were talking about doing http://www.jbowers.com/mame/chdman.htm other than that i really dont know what to do. i have the md5 files and the chds, and chdman, i just dont know what to type into the command prompt because apparently its looking for a chd file instead of a md5 or something. i dont know what im doing can you explain it step by step please. thanks
  2. oh ok. thanks though ill eventually get to play it somehow...
  3. yeah i did. it runs to the point where it shows the loading screen where itll go down the list and say 'ok' after it checks each thing. it says konami 2000 at the top and is ready to play but fails to load. although i do get this before i run it in the comand prompt 858jaa11.chd WRONG CHECKSUMS WARNING: game my not run correctly im thinking it has to do with that. i dont know i downloaded it off of supernova, and then found the zip off of romnation.net any help would be appreciated. thanks
  4. i never really used mame before and i have beatmania complete mix and core remix for it. i have the chd files and the zips, it starts up but never gets past the loading screen. it will load everything up until all of the statuses say OK but the game will never start. anyone else have this problem or am i doing something wrong? please help...thanks.
  5. right now i just have a gravis. but the d pad kinda screws you up sometimes. im trying one of those ps2 controller converters and maybe put my arcade stick in. but i still like the keyboard
  6. hey i just wanna say this place is full of awesome helpful people that all seem very cool. everyone and everything on this site is really rad and the people are really nice too, thats why i registered. anyway im originally from california but now just recently moved to new jersey. fighting games are neato...yeah play samurai showdown 5
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