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DoDonPachi 2 BeeStrorm And Demon Front Now Playable

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great news this is a really cool game im a big shump fan so pretty excited about this

excellent work by Haze and Rtw to get this going






more info http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/ im a muppet cant link direct to demon front info just click march 2012 when you reach Haze site


id love to play this on my stock xbox maybe one day fingers crossed


checkout out the vid whomever's playin this certainly isnt a newBEE at beestorm :-)


even more great news demon front is now playable after some more great work by Haze


demon front



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Would you mind pm'ing me the fbal sources again please +T+. I would like to put out a version with ddp2 and Demon Front as playable games.

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I forgot how in-fucking-furiating working on fbal is. I've got everything in and compiled, but now when i go to load the roms, they start loading then quit back to the menu with no sort of error message of any sort. No idea what's going on, nothing. GRRRRR.

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