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  1. hi there someone brought this thread to my attention. Unfortunately i dont have Xbox1 + SDK anymore so i cant personally make an changes. Theres no way around this other than to modify the code. The fix should be made in the libSDLx graphics code..specifically in SDL_xboxvideo.c inside the XBOX_RenderSurface and XBOX_UpdateRecs functions is where the change for 4:3 ratio should be made hope this helps thanks!
  2. looks like i wont be needing that xb1. Nice work as always
  3. sounds like memory issue to me, thats what id check out first
  4. like i mentioned about i dont have an XB1 + XDK anymore so i cant do this personally. However i found it that it was pretty easy to intergrate the neocd UI elements into my code. i based most of it from the windows code in burner\win32\neocdlist.cpp and neocdsel.cpp From a highlevel code standpoint do the following: - add a new filter for NeoGeo CD - in the rom browser if the filter selected = neogeo cd, then scan for neocd isos based on the path defined in szNeoCDGamesDir. The scanning function is NeoCDList_ScanDir() in neocdsel.cpp. That will populate the GAMELIST structure. - display
  5. hi there, Someone linked me to this forum. Thanks for your interest in this unfortunately i don't actually own an Xbox 1 + XDK any longer so i really cant help with this :\ as far as multi-slot loading on a 128mb xbox goes..it might be possible but let me put it into perspective for you. Even on a 512Mb Xbox 360 loading 6 of the larger NeoGeo roms will use up all available memory.
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