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  1. Download HDtune, (does not have to be the pro version) Click the info tab and see if there is a tick by security mode, if not you are out of luck.
  2. I find the list a bit cumbersome when browsing games with clones on , I don't really use clones that much but on occasion I do like to try some out (Aliens and 1000 Miglia have some differences for example). This probably has more to do with the fact I am a completist when it comes to romsets and would like the option to not have clones "in the way" as the majority of them are useless. I see this falling under your number 4 however I think it would be helpful for convenience. Thanks and no need to apologise.
  3. I m going to use this opportunity to repeat my request for clones to be hidden/shown on the rom screen with a button press rather than having to go through the menus, an example of this would be: Pressing the left thumb stick hides clones and turns off highlight parent, clicking again displays clones and highlights parents. Hope you can look into this +T+ and thank you for all your hard work so far, coder or no coder FBL is looking good to me!
  4. I had no idea and completely understand, I will get back to you when it is suitable
  5. Im going to get hated for asking this but I have been away and would have requested earlier. Would it be possible for clones to be hidden/shown with a button press on the romscreen rather than having to go through the menus?
  6. Thanks for this, scanlines are always welcome! Here is a quick screenshot pack, there are some missing. http://www.multiupload.com/5O4KRMDLZC
  7. Ditto! Im loving the widescreen fix with scanlines, looks really authentic in 720p however the scanlines dont look right on vertical/rotated games, could you possibly take a look? I have not tested yet, but at least in 1.4 version with the rotated screen fix the scanlines were working perfectly fine ---ALTHOUGH THEY ARE ROTATED AS WELL. I have no tested the 1.5 version yet, but i doubt +T+ have changed anything regarding the scanlines, since they were working good since the previous fix in 1.4. Are you setting your screen (patiently) to pixel perfect? Its very simple to adjust the width of the image (on a rotated game) with scanlines turned on. Just try keep increasing (or decreasing) screen width and you will notice that there are some "waves" that come and go. There will be a point where no waves could be noticed, and this will be the pixel perfect width! Try using the D-PAD instead of the thumbstick to increase and decrease width on minimum amounts per touch. Regards, C. Thanks for the info, I had a play and managed to get the scanlines looking good however I was not too explicit in my last post. + T +: I assume there is a default setting for the screen resolution for games in regular/upright rotation giving a universal appearance for the scanlines, I was wondering if this same setup could be applied to games using vertical/rotation displays, I understand there may be some issues as different games use different resolutions but currently the scanlines look out of place/different thickness etc. for all the ones I have tried (mainly Cave). I myself am not to fussed about perfect pixel but more interested in the scanlines being consistent throughout the screen as a default setting similar to the upright games. Hope I am making sense and Thanks.
  8. Ditto! Im loving the widescreen fix with scanlines, looks really authentic in 720p however the scanlines dont look right on vertical/rotated games, could you possibly take a look?
  9. Hello. If possible could you take a look at Devil World - get's stuck on rom boot/load screen and Aliens - sound issues. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the update! I haven't tried this out yet as I am currently sorting my HD cluster problem, what a nightmare. Thanks for adding music with .xmv too, I dont know or understand what you had to do but you did it really quick!
  11. This is such good news, I am chuffed to bits to see this emu get an update and thank you both! May I ask, is it possible to have music playing with video previews in this update and if not could you add it please?
  12. You could give this go: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Steering-Whe...king/td-p/74843 Its a shot in the dark!
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