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*** BPs CoinOPS 2 Offical Dev and Support Blog ***


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***New Blog for coinops simple and to the point for developing but it will be kept on track*** as far as the code and my skills allow



I get the feeling 1emulation for xbox will at best be a news site now and there are so many of them....no one I know of that comes here does anything except tells you news of tiny releases...and actually cant fix or improve anything...


Hope this changes and it grows again and skilled people re enter...its unlikely and it will proably just turn into a news and debate forum ;)


as you guys know I have no faith in the others and believe they are newbes its now there time to shine and im sure they will let you down.......and I do feel sorry for you guys...if all they offer is news there are 100 other sites you could go to....


Peace all....end to end testing is happening at present on a new CoinOPS as its completed and will be filed away for prep on the new features/build already under construction....ill post every few days the progress of the blog as im new to this it maybe a week it maybe a month....im starting from a place I dont know about...all I know if I want to do something generally I get it done...


help from someone thats done this would help for sure...PM if you can


PS I fixed all the bugs in the console cores you mentioned phil I know you where told they are direct x bugs...which they where not...just simple fixes...anyways I uploaded them to the FTP they all work now...xport made some typos check them for yourself :)

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everyone can comment but need to be excepted by me and new posts are only allowed if I except the user to make them


I think ive set it up this way :)


post a hello world ...also id recommend keeping your old user name or else you will be looked at sideways for a while.....

if you want to be able to post stuff let me know I may alow you publishing rights....commenting is screened before its published....so it must go past the censor...but keep it on point and it will go in....my general rule is to except stuff not reject stuff...but im sure you will know when it wont be excepted

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OK its all going well now :) up and running with some questions for users and even a poll....it looks like its simple yet powerfull and I should have made dev like this a long time ago....

A place to grab stuff is nearing now...and will be the new source of the project


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not anymore its up to max now :) just you guys love to put everything of yours at 5 and its allways you guys and all mine at one...thats desparte ;) no one else ever does it...so I just say hey show them it can be changed very easily back to max....in less than a day


good luck I hope you post your screenshot packs here


Should be CoinOPS 2 R3 tommorrow and the update packs

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