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....no one I know uses any of it now....and really all CoinOPS has been about was listening to them and removing all these other emus and there compexed interfaces....and now they are all happy...im moving on to other stuff systems others dont dream of touching lol just promoting hahaha anyways good luck brother im happy with the way things went I achieve what I set out to do....now this is erralivant all the top systes are in and work well and easy for everyone that wants them...infact nearly seemless





Hi BP, CoinOps is just incredible with arcade games, and good with console games, but tbh i personnaly use CoinOPS for arcade games and All "Madmab's emulators" cause they play console games perfectly, i had some issue using console games with CoinOPS with my "Pal" Xbox, the problem was the music on Snes Games in 50hz (scratching music) and when i switched the xbox to 60hz the music was too speed :S That's why i'm much happy using all Madmab's emulators + CoinOPS than using CoinOPS alone !!


And yeah Thanks to Madmab's for his work, and thanks to you too BP for your work :)

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Question about updating. I have Coinops 2 setup with only arcade games (over 1400) and screenshots (no vids) to save hd space. Can you just copy the new files over what I have or do I need the full version to update? Thanks and keep up the great work.



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