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Flame on?

Mega Man (?)

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Guys, I want to say something here.


This could be just wishful thinking but it feels to me like a lot has been achieved in terms of 'cleaning up' this forum in the last few days. But despite the promises of certain negative elements moving elsewhere, I see inflammatory posts are still being made in other threads threatening to kick it all off again. I so don't want this to happen. I'd love for this forum to become productive and informative again but I'd rather it be a ghost town than what it's been recently.


So I'm asking anyone who agrees with this to take the high ground and the view that we just totally ignore the kinds of posts and comments we don't want to see here anymore; no matter how arrogant, no matter how unfair, no matter how personal. I see this as a chance to make this place respectable again and I think it can be done. I hope there's some sense in there somewhere. :)

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I am with you. :)


You are a stand up guy, and just the kind of roll model that this community needs.


I think that any one that looks into all this stuff enough and, has a reasonable mind, will know the truth.


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This is an essential element, the status and the freedom that the owner(s) of this site gave him could only be interpreted as contempt towards the xbox community in definitive. That sad guy showed such an outrageous behavior towards his interlocutors, and even towards people he does not even know, during years and with impunity (Do I still need to bring more details ?!)...


So maybe the owner(s) just don't have time to get involved anymore. Without doubt, have they or has he said that the generated traffic wasn't that bad. Maybe there's a bit of cynicism in there, who knows?

Add to that what might be interpreted as a complicit silence and a few sporadic interventions (yes I'm thinking of you, little guy in red and six letters :))

I don't think responsibility can be placed on the owners/admins here. From what I can gather, as far as most of them are concerned, the Xbox section is just a write-off and who can blame them for that attitude with the way things have been here? There's been hostility and name-calling on both sides, so unless you've been following this whole mess regularly (no easy task if you want to stay sane!) it's hard to know where to step in unless you lock every thread and ban everybody. And also some discussions, while heated, are at the end of the day just an expression of strong opinions and views which is what a forum is all about. It's just a shame that they would so often degenerate into insults. Basically this forum needs only 2 things to be enforced in order to keep it respectable:


- No personal attacks and/or insults.

- Topics stay on topic.


That's it. If we had a mod or admin that kept up these 2 simple things then in my view this forum would be well on the way to recovery.

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Hah! If I was to enforce just those 2 things, there would be not much left, and my PM box would be filled up quickly with the kind of thing waal would send me, until I had to block him. You only have to look at his profile.


Some ppl think I moderate unfairly, not really, I only lower myself to here only sometimes, and I don't read everything, just the last few posts. So I might delete some vitriol, or close a thread. Nobody gets the hint, so then I might have to issue warnings or make a temporary posting ban. Some still don't get it, while others disappear never to return.


Next thing, as all of you already know, we are locked out of the admin panel, which means we cannot promote or demote anyone. So, although BP is "staff", there's nothing any of us can do about it - even if we wanted to. It's time you understood that.


All we really can do is to delete/move stuff, and throw you out of the place. If anyone throws rubbish at the site or admin/moderating team once more, that's where he will go - out !

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I must have read Robert's reply differently.


The thing is, it hasn't been just one rogue 'staff' member breaking rules here by throwing insults and derailing topics. A lot of members have been drawn into it, hell I may even have committed an offense or two myself in the course of it all, I don't remember. So I think what's being said is that it's virtually impossible to enforce the rules without deleting every topic and banning everyone which wouldn't leave much. I guess this is more difficult if you don't check this forum regularly and maybe that's part of the problem since it's not apparent from just reading the latest posts who has been responsible for causing the issues in the first place. But can you blame anyone for not wanting to wade through all the crap??


All I'm saying is I don't think any one member has been allowed to get away with any more than anyone else here. Yes there is the matter of that 'staff' badge but we all know that's BS and doesn't mean anything.


If anyone's personal experiences say otherwise then please enlighten me, I'm only speaking from what I've seen which may not be enough to form a solid opinion.

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We yes +T+


I am leaning more on the side of what you are saying....




What about several times when I am playing nice, and then I get directly ridiculed and insulted from "a certain member".

My topic gets derailed, and only then, everyone jumps in and my topic gets "closed"


Where is the justice for me there? :/



How appropriate that I ambiguously do not know exactly what you mean when you say " that's BS" :)

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Rather than take this any further I'll simply say this; We just solved one problem around here and now there's a danger of creating another one. All this will do is bring more admin intervention to this forum and I'm sure those of you who believe these biases exist wouldn't see that as a good thing. I respectfully suggest we focus on looking forward rather than debating past issues that I hope have no bearing on how things are now.

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I respectfully suggest we focus on looking forward rather than debating past issues that I hope have no bearing on how things are now.


i second that... let's just move on.


i'll start...


hey!! is there a saturn emulator for the xbox? :)

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