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CoinOPS 2 Way Forward  

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What direction in my limited time would you like to see


OK guys post here also any other stuff and ill pin to the first thread the stuff ive decided to pickup


so give me


Features for N64 you want....features for other Cores you want...and games you want especially N64 and PSX



Recommended Games so far


***Nintendo 64***

Golden Eye (glitchy at present)

Perfect Dark (glitchy at present)

Sin and Punishment (glitchy at present)

Big Moutain 2000

Mario Tennis (glitchy at present)

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Off Road Challange


Quake 64

Rally Challange 2000

Ready to Rumble Boxing - Part 2

RR64 - Ridge Racer 64

Snowboard Kids

Wipeout 64

ISS 2000

Fighters Destiny



WWE The Arcade Game

Thrillkill (glitchy at present)


also please give me more suitble games and if one or 2 people want to help with the packs ill supply and make it happen you just need to do a bit of donkeywork and you will get your say



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I would love to see Gran Tourismo's and the Tony Hawks Pro skaters on the psx emulation for coinops


Agreed. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and 3 and Grand Tourismo 2 at the least. Also, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (runs glitchy currently) and Star Wars Rouge Squadron (this doesn't work at all in surreal 5.4).

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I think we should add these (if they haven't already) to the PSX core - since they aren't able to be emulated well with the MAME core. I think most have PSX alternatives. For those that don't know, the ZN.C driver is for games whose hardware was based on the PSone. I took the liberty of removing the dupes.


DRIVER: zn.c




1 on 1 Government (Japan)

Acclaim PSX

Aero Fighters Special (Taiwan)

Atari PSX

Atlus PSX

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (USA 951124)

Beastorizer (USA)

Bloody Roar (Japan)

Bloody Roar 2 (USA)

Brave Blade (USA)

Bust a Move 2 (Japanese ROM ver. 1999/07/17 10:00:00)

Cool Boarders Arcade Jam

Dead Or Alive ++ (Japan)

Fighters' Impact (Ver 2.02J)

Flame Gunner

G-Darius Ver.2 (Ver 2.03J)

Gallop Racer (Japan Ver 9.01.12)

Gallop Racer 2 (USA)

Gallop Racer 3 (Japan)

Heaven's Gate

Judge Dredd (Rev C Dec. 17 1997)

Justice Gakuen (Japan 971117)

Kikaioh (Japan 980914)

Logic Pro Adventure (Japan)

Magical Date / Magical Date - dokidoki kokuhaku daisakusen (Ver 2.02J)

Magical Date EX / Magical Date - sotsugyou kokuhaku daisakusen (Ver 2.01J)

Monster Farm Jump (Japan)

NBA Jam Extreme

Plasma Sword (USA 980316)

Primal Rage 2 (Ver 0.36a)

PS Arcade 95

Psychic Force (Ver 2.4J)

Psychic Force EX (Ver 2.0J)

Ray Storm (Ver 2.06A)

Rival Schools (USA 971117)

Shanghai Matekibuyuu

Sonic Wings Limited (Japan)

Star Gladiator (USA 960627)

Star Gladiator 2 (Japan 980316)

Street Fighter EX (USA 961219)

Street Fighter EX 2 (USA 980526)

Street Fighter EX 2 Plus (USA 990611)

Street Fighter EX Plus (USA 970407)

Strider 2 (USA 991213)

Super Football Champ (Ver 2.5O)

Taito FX1

Tech Romancer (USA 980914)

Tecmo World Cup Millennium (Japan)

Tetris The Grand Master (Japan 980710)

The Block Kuzushi (Japan)

Tondemo Crisis (Japan)


Video System PSX



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Man, that sucks I can only vote for one, because I'm not that bothered about lazer discs, but everything else....


Would love to see XBMC Project 2 but the missus can finally now use drive the Xbox for movies/TV since switching to library mode with the Confluence skin...




Excitebike 64 was damn cool



Love the Syphon Filter games


Anything you have time to turn your hand to would be most welcomed, and installed!

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its really evening out now :D...hard to know what to do first


2 more days....id like a team of people for N64 and PSX adding 4 games each a week 3-4 could add a best 100 in a month

It sounds really good :)


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OK here is what I have ripped so far (already had a few), just uploading to FTP (that will take a while at crappy UK speeds)

The untested ones ill upload when I can confirm they are ok


They all need xmv's creating


Driver - Plays fine

Bloody Raw 2 - plays fine

Mortal Kombat 4 - Plays Fine

Thril Kill - Audio Buzzing Issues (disable cdda to fix?) (Uncensored version requires A&X pressed once launched to boot game)

SoulBlade - Game Play Stutters maybe try frame skip?

Resident Evil 1 - (not my rip) not tested yet

Resident Evil 2 leon -(not my rip) plays fine - Needs Name look up fixed in coinops (I used psx_residentevil2 for leon and psx_residentevilII for claire)

Resident Evil 2 claire - (not my rip) plays fine - Needs Name look up fixed in coinops

Resident Evil 3 - fine - (not my rip) not tested yet

Resident Evil Survivour - (not my rip) not tested yet

Tokyo Highway Battle - Audio Buzzing Issues (disable CDDA to fix?)


Toshinden Games have audio tracks that maybe could be removed like tekken to reduce the rom size but i dont know how to do it


Just noticed Battle Arena Toshinden 4 has no look up name I even looked at just Toshinden 4






PSX_GRANTURISMO not tested yet




Ridge Racer Revolution

Rage Racer (my fav out of all 4)

Ridge Racer 4

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