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  1. DosXBox support. Alone In The Dark, Jazz Jazzrabit, Rick Dangerous etc et
  2. I have a list of petitions for add in CoinOps. 4 Players game list: psx ---- Devil Dice Bust a Move 99 Crash Bash worms world party Thrill Kill N64 ------- dr. maro 64 Bust a Move 99 Mario Partys The New Tetris super smash bros Mario Tenis Megadrive ---------- Columns 3 Super nintendo ------------- Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber World Nes ----------- A Nightmare on Elm Street Is It possible? Thanks.
  3. I recently bought a pair of EMS LCD Topgun guns for PS2/XBox/PC and I am making some probes with the Coinops 2. Guns work well with almost all arcade games excepting some games where the calibration doesnt work, it seems we have to calibrate the guns like our screen have the double of its real size (Zombie Raid, Operation Wolf III) With PSX games doesnt work the gun or I dont know how to configure or use. With other platforms games like snes I didnt use the guns yet, tomorrow i'll try it. ┬┐Anyone could help me to play psx Time Crisis 1 on Coinops with Gun? And BP, there is some arcade games that works perfectly in Coinops and works very fine with guns and other works in PC but Coinops doesnt show. I tried: Trophy Hunter - Bear & Moose - Coinops doesnt show this rom Wing Shooting Championship - Coinops doesnt show this rom Hammer - Coinops doesnt show this rom Point Blank 2 - Coinops doesnt show this rom Rapid Fire - Coinops doesnt show this rom Police trainer - works perfectly on Coinops Zero Point 2 - works perfectly on Coinops but I cant recharge ammo, so unlimited ammo p1 and p2 cheat is needed. Sharpshooter - works perfectly on Coinops Bang! - works perfectly on Coinops Tomorrow Ill try more games. I would like have more guns games on Coinops ! Thanks.
  4. The New Tetris for n64. Best Tetris ever with suppourt up to 4 players Bye
  5. TEST GAMES NTSC version mario 64 good mario kart 64 some slowdown zelda OT graphic bug and slowdown and black screen when the princess is removed zelda MM slowdown and black screen after start wave race good star fox 64 good pilotwing 64 good world cup 64 good F-zero X good Banjo kazooi same slowdown paper mario black screen After meeting with the princess Forsaken 64 good Didi kong racing just before the race rampage 2 black screen just before the fight 1080 snowbording bug sound there has random black screen Sorry for my english,i'm french. PAL roms is slowing and the graphic bug for all games N64 I have a problem. If i run the n64 games in HD, i see a rare glith in the screen. With SD resolution I play games perfectly. With surreal I can play HD perfectly. Bya.
  6. Hi, I been testing CoinOps 2 and is really cool !! Thanks a lot BP! I miss some games but I dont know if possible with coinOps, for example : I miss really cool MSDos games like Rayman, Jazz Jackrabbit, Alone in the dark... Amiga CD32: Jetstrike a classic game And I miss: More psx games like Resident Evils, Dino Crisis, Silent Hill... More N64 games: The Next Tetris IS THE BEST TETRIS EVER MADE !!! and for 4 players ! Thanks a lot for your work and still with the coinOps project !! Bye.
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