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  1. Hi - You speak about SATA adaptator ... kool information, but are you sure this one is working fine ? http://www.dealextreme.com/p/sata-to-ide-h...pter-card-12537 - And if it is, can i use the SATA HDD i want like i want ? exemple : SAMSUNG 1.5To 5400Tm ??? Or i must use some HD of a compatibility list ? Because now with N64 games, and the tons of PSX games ... and in the future the "Laser Disk" games ... 500Go IDE will be full lol - Finaly : Have you a good tutorial to instal the HD ? Because i have a Linux CD to install xbox OS and format the HD ... but when i try it , it does not see my SATA drive ... it can only format and see IDE drives ... Thanks Going off topic, sorry. I can't vouch for compatibility of the SATA bridge yet as mine hasn't arrived yet but I've read reports of it working. See the questions within the link, too. If you have a modchip I don't think you need to lock the HDD so the compatibility list is not relevant. If you softmod, you want to lock the drive so get one on the list > here <. To format your drive properly, get a recent installer: Auto Installer Deluxe HeXEn 0.99B11-22 HDD Upgrade on modchipped XBox using AID Hard Drive Upgrade using a PC (XBox HDM)
  2. No, you cant hide them, we asked BP to add an option to hide the console stuff...but he didnt want. Consoles stuff appear at the bottom, with default settings, so no problem for me, but an "hide console" option is welcome Apologies. Read through lots of the posts on this thread and this was the opinion I was left with. I for one won't bother seeking the 'unlocked' version, that's if it has been unlocked? BP has written for his reasons behind his decisions and we should all respect that and thank him for his ubercool work. So many cool games, so little time, and the compatibility looks like it's going to get better Thanks for the link but in doing the absolute minimum reading I did, I went for a vertical bridge: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/sata-to-ide-h...pter-card-12537 Said to be pretty compatible despite it may need some DIY insulating. Now to find a faster, ATA 133 cable of suitable length so that if fits neatly... Sad thing is I've only recently given up on my cab after selling my light gun for 50p at a car boot sale and giving my Lotus wheel and pedals away. The kid who bought the gun wanted it to cut the cable off and use it as a toy Seeing CoinOPS 2 running in that cab was a sight to behold.
  3. Man, that sucks I can only vote for one, because I'm not that bothered about lazer discs, but everything else.... Would love to see XBMC Project 2 but the missus can finally now use drive the Xbox for movies/TV since switching to library mode with the Confluence skin... N64: Excitebike 64 was damn cool PSX: Love the Syphon Filter games Anything you have time to turn your hand to would be most welcomed, and installed!
  4. Absolutely awesome job. Haven't updated my CoinOPS build for ages so looking forward to getting another, bigger HDD in to give it a spin. My current 60Gb one just isn't enough especially as I've finally got an HD TV. Can't wait for dealextreme to deliver my SATA>IDE bridge. Don't know/care about all the history between this and 'other' releases so long as people get to experience quality productions like this. If you don't want consoles, it sounds like you can just choose to hide them. Simples. Just FTP it onto the trusty old 'box and play it. Don't squabble over minor details else peeps will get peeved and simply stop releasing. Excellent work on the MU upload, too. I'll continue to seed the torrent during the night time, GMT as my ISP relax speeds then.
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