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Nintendo 64 Now in 720P


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no they refused to work with me so im busy updating the core and adding features myself....but I could now give them some tips as there is technal issues with 720p that needs some core changes to make everything work well...of course I want it all to be automatic

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Thanks a lot ... i will try it this evenig :D

So kool :D


Like i say before, (i think you don't understand me) on my xbox i prefer have one emulator for one systeme :


One emu for SNES, one for, N64, one for Arcade (CoinOps), etc ....


But for the childrens, it is excellent to have all in the same launcher with easy configuration :D

And i use your CoinOPS 2 :D


Thanks agaain for all the work ...


PS : If in the future coinOPS can also launch films over SMB ... it will be the best :)

Because childrens also using xbox every day to watching animes and mangas :D



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