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Arcade, ports and emulator requests for CoinOPS Epic


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If possible and not too time consuming it'd be kinda cool to have a Adult game filter/lock so when i put coin ops on someones box whos underage or have grandma over and am scrollin throught the games no one trips. but support for some of the other adult games would also be kool . Also glad 2 see Mace dark ages on the list all time favorite game peace

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Hokuto No Ken or Fist of the North Star works in PSXBOX using the following settings (thanks to Nemo1985X)



1.) Set graphics Fixes: *Turn the "Framelimit" OFF

2.) Set CPU Fixes: * Turn the "InuYasha Sengoku Battle fix" ON


3.) Play the game! wink.gif


so it may be possible to get this running in coinops

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What about these:


Run N Gun 1 and/or 2 Added

Super High Impact Football Added

Martial Champion Added

B-Rap Boys GFX Fixed (no onscreen char/etc after the first stage goin onto the rollercoaster)

Virtua Racing Added (I know its Model 1, just wondering if it possible on the tech side of things)

Virtua Fighter Added (ditto on above)

Possible Injection of a few Midway Arcade Treasures/any other noteworthy games (ala Street Fighter 3 Style) - Rush the Rock, Race/Hard Drivin, Primal Rage, MK1, MK2, MK3, Hydro Thunder, Offroad Thunder, etc... games that dont work well natively in Mame for Xbox.

Rad Rally/Rad Mobile Steering Fixed

F1 Exhaust Note/F1 Super Lap Working

Slipstream (The RARE Capcom F1 Game running on the Sega System32 board)


Are any of these requests/fixes possible in the next couple of builds of CoinOPS down the road?

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