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Arcade, ports and emulator requests for CoinOPS Epic


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try skipping past the introduction video darknoir by pressing A on your controller,it should work after that.


Thanks a lot ...

But i remember it is impossible to skip the videos of this game :)

We must watch them ... :)

Only Emuraiden make it works fine on PC :(

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philipsmsx stuff needs to be ignored as its not researched properly....jobo


no offense but alot of that stuff works and alot of it is actually in EPIC....unless its researched properly I cant be bothered looking into reinventing the wheel....if you dont have EPIC and think you can set it up good luck...but obviously I can tell that you are asking questions that where sorted by EPIC or earlier and you choose to do it yourself...I need to look at properly researched stuff please....


I'm a bit behind on the arcade part. I'd love to see someone else sort this thread out, and let me focus on the console bit. ANYONE?

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No offense but I do not understand because my demand must be ignored. The games of my list to me do not turn out to be play in Epic. thI am Italian and I do not know very well English therefore if someone me can explain the motivations simply it I would be pleasing :)

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gunmaster is fine....and in EPIC

S.P.Y. - Special Project Y is fine....and in EPIC

Kabuki-Z is fine....and in EPIC

Toki no Senshi - Chrono Soldier is fine....and in EPIC

Turbo Out Run is fine....and in EPIC


a very quick look im sorry you havent tested EPIC....Turbo out run has worked for a long time if setup correctly....as everyone thats played with CoinOPS will be able to confirm


its ok alot on the list dont play but please I need it to be researched properly....otherwise im pretty much aware of where things are at

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BP, I see! Nice to see i haven't totally screwed up yet though. :) I just got a suggestion from Garcimak, who says he'd love to manage the arcade and feateres thread. I told him I'd let you know, and that I'll delete this one as soon as he's got a new thread up with all new information sorted. I'll keep manage the console bit.

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On hokuto no ken (1) : "Hokuto no Ken Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu",

I could run it without problem on PCSX XBOX V21 (It Should Be Able to Run on CoinOpsEpic ...),

Thank you :) , I did not know this one on PSX, but the problem is that I waited a 2D beat 'em all, and not turn-based game



-Any way , thats very fun .

-Hoping that one day we will see this release on Xbox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZWP3gbxkEE :)



It also exists on PSX,

Hokuto no Ken (2) : "Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu", 3D beat 'em up .

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Controls need looking at for all of the following games:


OverDrive - 1990 Konami

Star Trek - 1982 Sega:


The following Gun games cannot be controlled by pad:

Steel Gunner 1+2

Turkey Shoot - 1984 Williams:


None of these currently in Epic but will run if added to ROMs folder and scanned.

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