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Here is a link for KAWA-X Plus + working roms


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The default.xbe and rom images have been sent out.


Expect them as soon as the individual releases them to those that want them.


default.xbe supports:(from previos kawa-x plus and new)




mslug5n.zip *(NEW)*


samsho5.zip *(NEW)*




this is the one i have on my xbox, its my testing facility so to speak. If you have any issues, compatibility problems, etc. Please do not PM me, im releasing this xbe for those that still use PLUS.


Please help eachother (as you have been doing). I highly recommend everyone start movin over to Kawa-X SE.


FBAX-PLUS coming soon!

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i've had the pleasure to test N3oGhost's fbax and so far its working great :D (only tested kof2k2 and mslug5 at the moment) expect it soon!!!


and just to note, it will be using kawa-se roms so i'd get crackin at renaming and rom hunting if i were you B)


also those of you that want the last version of kawa-x plus, leave me a pm with your email and i'll send it when i'm up :P

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Does it run as well as KawaX? Any time frame as to when it will be out? I have Metal Slug 5 running as a clone of svcbl on SE, but I would like to have it running without the renaming. SE or FBAx, I really don't care... I just want one of them to be released :P

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Does the Rage of the Dragons support both arcade and console modes in this version?


EDIT: Speaking of which, I still have to find that romset. Any help would be appreciated. I guess all I need are the 64kb M1d and the 8 meg P1 ROMs so I can continue to use the V and C roms I had gotten from the PLUS ROMset for ROTD.

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