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  1. There was a new release of FBA-XXX today, and it fixes the issue!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My problem with FBA-XXX is that it doesnt save the settings from UNiBIOS v.20, and this was supposed to have been fixed. YES, I patched the.xbe with the ips file, but I still get the green bootup tests when games startup. I used UniBIOS to disable that, as well as set Free Play and a few other things, but none of this is saved if I reload a game.
  2. Hey dude, I'm not trying to insult you, just pointing out your mistake, its why no one could log in. If you worked for an ISP you should have never made that mistake in the first place. I owe you a favor for helping me with kof 2003, but dont think you can just talk like that and I'll brush it off. Normally, I'd say youre a liar and you didnt work at an ISP, and if you did, you wouldnt make such a rookie mistake. No one posts a 192.168 IP and not realize its not their IP.
  3. Uhm, Jamacian, you've made a BIG mistake. Obvioudly you dont know the first thing about networking. what you've given is the internal IP to your PC on your network, given to you by your router. That IP is useless. The PC either has to be outside the network (directly connected to the modem) or you have to get a redirector. Try www.no-ip.com for one No-IP.
  4. Jamaicanyouth, I owe you a favor. Thank you. Saulin, I dont understand how that could be, unless you didnt switch that one line to enable games like kof2003 and its ilk, but that couldnt be if you got the error messages when you tried kof2003.zip, which doesnt work as I mentioned in another thread. Are you sure youre using the latest fba-xxx 02.08.04 version? Like I said, Jamacianyouth's files did everything I needed to get the game working.
  5. Yeah, thats the set I use, or would if I had the right s1 and m1d files. Is it possible you can email me these two? I'm quite sure that's all I'd need to get the game to run.
  6. I dont think the DATs show everything. And besides, FBA has alwyas listed which ROMs are faulty if you load up a set that arent what it expects, CRCs enabled or not. I didnt even know there was a kof2k3 supported until I looked IN the Romcenter.DAT, thats how I knew in the first place. So I took a gamble and renamed kof2003f.zip that worked in the previous version and renamed it to kof2k3.zip. When I loaded it up, it gave me an error message about the m1d and s1 files. EDIT: Also, if you look, at least one KOF 2003 set I saw was marked as NOT WORKING. This happens to be the set used in the Kawaks v1.48b dev + KOF2003 PCB set that came out some months ago. Its the exact CRC and everything, but loads up to a black screen.
  7. What do you mean how do I know? It says which files.
  8. Well, this new version doesnt use the kof2003f.zip that the previous version did, it doesnt like my m1d and s1 files after I renamed it to kof2k3.zip. The m1d is too big, but it'll load it, but it doesnt accept the S1. So, where can I find the proper s1, and if push comes to shove, the m1d it wants? thanks in adavnce
  9. Does the Rage of the Dragons support both arcade and console modes in this version? EDIT: Speaking of which, I still have to find that romset. Any help would be appreciated. I guess all I need are the 64kb M1d and the 8 meg P1 ROMs so I can continue to use the V and C roms I had gotten from the PLUS ROMset for ROTD.
  10. Where can I get the P1 for ROTD that allows for Arcade and Console mode?
  11. All I have is the original, the plus version that was posted on suprnova, and now a build for samsho5. Now I'm going to have 4, for mslug5. Then there's going to be one for kof2003. Thats 5 total. And I still havent gotten the 8meg p1 that allows ROTD to run arcade and console modes. God what a mess. EDIT: I realize now that my samsho5 build can run the ROTD I mentioned, so that takes out one.
  12. Too bad no one ever posted that SE build with all those games on suprnova before. Then X could release a hex edited version just for mslug5, later on maybe he can release an updated version for kof2003. So that way there would only be 3 installs of Kawa-X. The original Kawa-X, Kawa-X Plus SE and all the games it supports, and a final build that runs mslug5, later updated for kof2003 if that can be done. Otherwise, people will end up with like 4-5 versions of the same emu on their xboxes.
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