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Here is a link for KAWA-X Plus + working roms


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So what happened to the link? I want to be able to play mslug5!! I've searched everywhere for kawax plus/se and can't find anything. Somebody want to help a fellow member out?.....please?



Kawa-X has Winkawaks 1.46 core. It isn't open source & won't be updated... the project status's officially discontinued. The unofficial hacks like N3oghost's Kawa-X Plus, Kawa-Hex, Kawa-X SE etc 'R outdated : no update since the last year.


Btw, the last hex edited version recently updated (11.20.04) supports the latest Neo*Geo decrypted C-Roms sets : www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10226&st=10


The best emu stays FBA-XXX, it's constantly updated.

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