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Good games to add to pcsxbox


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I came here to suggest some good games to add to pcsxbox, and even add them to PSXtras, some of these games never had releases outside the ps1 so would be very nice to see them on pcsxbox, and to play them on the xbox. I find that 2d games seem to work best on the xbox. just haven't had chance to play them.


Has anyone tested them? and does anyone know if these games work?



Discwold 1



Discworld 2



Nekketsu Oyako



Adventures of lomax



real bout fatal fury dominated mind




And if they do work, how well do they work is the music all there? if not is there any way to fix them to make them perfect?


I played "Rapid Reload" on a friends xbox but unfortunatley it dosen't have any music while the game is playing, anyone know how to fix this?


thanks guys

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I have tested Discworld 1 & 2 on xbox :(


The ONE works very fine with sound !

The TWO is working too on xbox with sound, but it have some slow time ... i don't have test many settings for correct it ... maybe later :(

Because on SCummVM xbox version they don't been emulated like on PC :(

And they are really great games :D


I will test the others after summer when i come back :)



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Like Dark said, Discworld 1 works just fine, at least as far as I played it (which was definitely far enough for me to be satisfied). I believe I included this game and there are Xtras for it.


I don't believe Discworld 2 works though. If memory serves, it will play with graphic and audio glitches (title screen is blank and voices/animations out of sync), but I think if you play in far enough it just freezes or something. Don't have the spreadsheet up anymore, so I can't say for sure right now.


I didn't try Rapid Reload or any of the other games you've mentioned though. You could try the compatibility list at the other site though.




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Thanks for replys guys, I managed to test discworld and your right it runs great, some of the speech stutters a tiny bit, but I think you need to tweak the sound options abit and you can get it running near perfect I think.



I believe someone said they got adventures of lomax running perfectly, but I tried it and I get no music and buzzing noise, I tested the ntsc version anyone can confirm which version they use and how they get it running perfect?




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Sorry, don't know about anything with Adventures of Lomax.


I would never take "perfectly" on the emu as truth. I have yet to see a game work perfectly. They seem to run the gambit from "Black Screen" to ""Playable enough to be satisfying". There will always be some sort of glitchiness on this emu unless the core is updated..... maybe even then still.


This is why I never did a full PSX set before release. It was just too much work with too little payout. Hopefully this will be remedied with a core update or even better if the Xtras are all ported to more advanced hardware someday.


I'm also trying to get XCOM and Loaded working at a playable level. Still haven't haven't had any luck with that, though people have told me it's possible.


Good luck, and keep trying. Our favorite games are worth it. Sometimes you can just luck into the correct settings to make a non-playable game playable.









I don't think a list like this exists. You could try to find the spreadsheet I had for PSX on G00gle and remove all the bad and untested games from there and you'd basically have what you were looking for. G00gle removed them though, so you'll have to find somebody who knows where the backed up excel spreadsheets are.

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anyone tried the nba arcade titles for ps1 on ocsxbox yet?

obviously mame on xbox has a problem playing them and i would assume the ps1 versions would be pretty much arcade perfect with all the speech in place.

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I would like to see a list of PSX games that run near flawless on PCSXbox...


anyone got a list?






The spreadsheets I have owe a lot to this list. Maybe even my entire involvement in the scene stems from this list. The original thread was great and I added a few hundred entries to it with Sotu back before any Xtras work was done in public. Basically, on my spreadsheets, all the entries on it were from this list if I didn't have compatibility and comments of my own for a game. Most of the testing I did was posted here, except for a large amount of work I did on it in the last 2 or so years.


Even though that link is not the most up to date version out there for a lot of game settings, acknowledging that there have been additions to that thread that wouldn't have made it into my own spreadsheets yet, it's invaluable to a newbie to PCSX that wants to try out their old favorites.



Look for the Xtras site & forum. I just found out recently that there are links on the forums to the compatibility spreadsheets that used to be on G00gle and were backed up in late May (Excel is needed to view them). I never updated any of these personally after that date, so most are probably completely up to date as of now. There's been a few additions here and there from others since May that I'm sure aren't included, but you won't find a full collection with such up to date settings as these docs anywhere else.


Between both lists, you can basically figure out the best configs for games based off the images that were tested.




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