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Super Streetfighter 2 and Strider on X68000X


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Can somebody please tell me the draw to this emulator for anybody who doesn't naively speak Japanese?


I actually tested about 200-300 games for this system at one point and it was going to be included in my Xtras sets, but in the end I totally decided against it. I couldn't figure out any benefit from it whatsoever. I will fully admit that for the time it came out it would have been an awesome system to own, but with the perfect ability to replicate these arcade games on CoinOPS and sometimes FBA-L, why would somebody go to the trouble for this. Granted, there are some interesting Japanese games that weren't available here, but they're either heavily burdened with "adult" content and/or completely unplayable by an engilsh-only speaking audience.

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I don't speak Japaneese, but i think many action games are excelent, and it is not really important to speak Japanese :P

I think to all the PSX games you remove your pack because they are Japanese and i add to my pack because for action it is not really important to read text :P

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I really like playing Castlevania. That game was ported to the PSX, but they changed the graphics and it runs at a slightly lower resolution.


There are some cool games on here RX, but I know what you're saying. This system was mainly know for its arcade-perfect ports and if you can emulate the arcade well already with CoinOps and FBL, then it becomes redundant in some respects. This said, there are a number of unique games to the system, as noted above, which make it still desirable.


Good to see your back around. Hope you are doing well! :P

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here is a download for an extremely rare sharp x68000 game called R+R.

the game was just recently dumped and is now available.













in the download i have included a first stage demo and the full game.


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4)the x68000 was basically a japanese computer with more or less the same specs as the old capcom cps1 arcade board.

as for games where to begin.

fantasy zone(16bit version of the sega master ssytem original)

bubble bobble(just for the music alone)

cho rensha

gradius 2



new zealand story

final fight(arcade perfect port and lets you play 2 players unlike the snes version)

ghouls n ghosts or daimakamura(arcade perfect)

castlevania/akumajo dracula(16 bit upgrade of the original nes castlevania)

atomic robo kid

alien syndrome

bomber man


chase hq

bonanza bros

detana twin bee


dragon spirit

dynamite duke

galaga 88

image fight

nemesis 90

nemesis 93

new zealand story

parodius da

puyo puyo

r type


space harrier

xenon 2 megablast


gradius 2

there are also loads of homebrew games.


Nice list to begin with, thanks Fu. Sold outside Japan this incredible machine would've been the Amiga killer.

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