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I told a queer I was going to beat him.

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Recently I was thinking about stuff, and with my head becoming clear I have had a slightly different view on things going on in my life.


Anyway Im lied on my sofa today and I was just super tired.

I had my window open and I heard an old familiar voice, it was my ex girl, and it automatically pissed me off.

I was already in a shitty mood today when that sealed the deal, i came round and went outside to have a smoke and a tea and to see if I could spot that bitch.

She came walking back down the street with her "gay" friend and for whatever reason I just couldn't hold my tongue.

I blatantly called her a slut and waited for her reaction, then I taunted her over her baby she tried to fob off on me, my friend came out and heard all the stuff I was saying and i could see him laughing.

I fucking hosed her man.


retreating after a job well done the stupid bitch and her gay friend come back up the street and I just thought "wtf is wrong with these people?"

I stuck my head out of my window and Yelled "Are you fucking morons with a combined IQ of 45?" then gay guy fronted me "Why Dont you leave her alone!"


It just flew out of my mouth: Fuck of faggot before I knock your teeth down your neck!!

Then He nearly fell on his ass, and I looked her dead in the eyes and said "and you fucking whore Ill shove that phone up your ass and if you think your getting away with it cause you're a woman ill come down there and rip your fucking head clean off."

At this moment I ran to my door ready to verbally assault further (i fucking flipped) but the fucking door was locked and I forgot my key upstairs I ran back up to get it by the time I found the key they had walked off pretty fast.

I felt pretty good about all this.

Hey sometimes they say "forget" well i say every now and then its fine to "remind."


i tried to think if what I did was bad, but I concluded that I had done my self proud for all the shit Id had off her.

If you wanan bug someone real bad just remind them everytime you see them.

It only take a minute of your time. :(

next time she walks down my street im gonna plant a fucking water pistol in my hands and just fucking hose her.

I felt so liberated today. :) :)

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If you know a douche, and you have been done wrong, and if nobody can help you maybe you could hire emsley.

Dun dun dun duuun dun dun dun dun dun!!!!!

Fuck em!!

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Seriously Ems, listen to Bobby:


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Im over at crows nest for the weekend ice.

Get some of this city stress off my back.

Go tomorrow night, then im back again for a week 3 weeks after.

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