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I got an eviction notice - horah!


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12th of april 10:30...


This is because housing benefits who pay your rent while your out of work have failed to acknowledge my claim.

Now I have to go to citizens advice tomorrow to keep the hell hounds at bay and make another court appearance.

This could be very real and likely that im without a roof shortly.


This could spur me on to china.



Leeds city council and housing benefits are like the lazy slob who sits on the sofa all day refusing to do anything active, so you have to be a woman and nag them to the point of insanity.

Leeds city council = Soleless robots.


i can give one hundred reasons they suck but cant be bothered listing them just like they cant be bothered doing anything for anyone who IS (Edit) of UK origin.

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Uk is split into to two section.


Private. (landlords discretion but probably has to follow some rules)


And Public rent controlled by councils. (me)


Or treat your self to a mortgage...


i apparently owe over two thousand in rent, im not fully sure of the rules the council follows hell im sure Albert Einstein would utter "madness" but by LAW i do not owe this money, i have proof i was on benefits since 2007 or whenever...

These are the periods they are crying about.

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Who ever received my claim promptly threw it in the bin.

I left contact details, mobile numbers etc on it in-case they had trouble working it out.

I've been ham stringed lads, tomorrow I will know for usure if im staying or going or at least be much more clearer.

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well that sucks. perhaps it's a sign to get in gear on the CHina thing.

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