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I got an eviction notice - horah!


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Yeah probably, my parents if worst comes to worst.

But then ill be nagged for the rest of my life. (at least ill have a fast internet connection)

If i stay at my sisters i will pay rent and be a complete slave. (max two weeks before we both go nuts)

Everyplace else will just be a couple of nights with friends.



Speaking of which i need to go get a quick wash and go make that phone call.

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I made a dent in their robot armour today.


I had to go to a big old place to see some people, After waiting half an hour I got seen, the guy back dated my housing benefits claim, then i am advised to go to magistrates court tomorrow to get an extension on my eviction date.

I rule at excuses, I should be crowned king of them.


Apparently it was my fault, but they failed to see that sending me any form of acknowledgement is their fault.

Looks like a day full of win tomorrow for me.

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