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  1. DosXbox support. *Jazz Jackrabbit Series, Commander Keen Series, Duke Nukem, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Crystal Caves, etc. All great games. Golden Tee 3D Golf. Probably not possible, but I'm just throwing it out there again. More SegaCD and PSX. all i can think of right now... i can't think of any features.
  2. i'm so excited. i cant wait!
  3. @PhilExile Do you need the XBOX converter for the X-Arcade or can I just add 2 USB ports to my XBOX instead? Or does the converter actually changes the signals from the joystick to something the XBOX can interpret as if it were a normal controller? Cause if all it really is a usb hub for the XBOX, well I can just splice in a couple ports myself... I'm pretty settled on using the XBOX as my cabinet brain. CoinOps convinced me, its tooo pretty and easy to use. Would of loved support for some of the other Golden Tee games, but there should be plenty of other activities for my friends and myself to enjoy...
  4. Hello. I have a couple questions... I have very limited access to the internet right now (downloading and testing CoinOps myself is OOTQ right now), and I cannot find the answer to em'. 1.) Can CoinOps play Golden Tee? Any of the Golden Tee games that are from the Arcades? Golden Tee 3D Golf Golden Tee 97 Golden Tee 98 Golden Tee 99 Golden Tee 2k Golden Tee Fore Golden Tee Classic 2.) Is CoinOps compatible with the X-Arcade Tankstick + Trackball? http://www.xgaming.com/store/arcade-joysti...des-usb-cables/ I was in the middle of piecing together a MAME cabinet until I stumbled across CoinOps. I have struggling piecing together an old pc to put in the cabinet. (First the psu shorted, then the sound card shorted, the HDD crashed too) The PC is absolutely cursed and needs to be blown up. It was all ready to go, and I was using AtomicFE as my frontend to multiple emulators.... Anyways, CoinOps looks sick as hell. Much better looking and easier on the eyes. Simple, but freaking awesome. I have a modded XBOX 1.6 w/ a 250GB hdd in it so I figured "Why the hell bother with this piece of shit PC, when i can just use my Xbox and an old TV from the basement..." ,But the 50% of the reason as to why I have started the Cabinet project is to have Golden Tee matches with my buds. So I'd like to know if it is compatible or not before I purchase the $30 adapter from X-Arcade.com... Oh and the trackball too. thanks! sorry if my questions suck, but i have really searched all over.
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