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Hey BP...


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Just putting together a full video pack for R5 and I noticed that a few games won't play off the parent. Most, but not all, of them were renamed by you, I believe. Maybe this is why it doesn't read the parent's name.




Here's the list, and what I converted it to, to get the video previews working:


bwings to bwing

dynwar to dw

10yard to yard

ddux to dduxbl

mwalk to moonwlkb

twinfalc to whizz

toutrun to toutrun2

kof2003 to kof2003d

suratk to surpratk

spidman to spidey

svc to svcboot

svc to svcsplus

mpang to mpangj

kazan to iganinju

hyprduel to hyprdelj

landmakr to landmkrp

pitfight to pitfigh3





So now we have extra videos in my pack for the following:




















Now all the videos work.


Not sure if you knew this, so I was just pointing it out to you.




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just grab showcase they are all done, also there alot more than you mention there ;)


I didnt change the names .... rom names sometimes change over diff builds by the mame team....in some builds most names are 0.84


i matched all 4500 videos the first few day I was playing them...so I have a full matched set...I dont use it but can grab screen/rom/video matched very fast and have the tools to look at a foler of roms and grab the screens and videos and build 2 new folders that way I can do a new build in a minute instead of hand matching them


you can thank the usual for them not being released they sit on an FTP for about 6months in SD and HD

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new GUI looks alot diff.....still deciding on best way and how I will handle video ....pics...artwork...titles and the shape it will be....ill will know in the next few days but at present there will be changes across this area to suit a modern GUI


looks likely there will be some big changes to artwork handling as ive placed in alot of xbmc code to achieve some effects

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just grab showcase they are all done, also there alot more than you mention there :)


Actually, out of the romcenter datfile that I got that was included in the R5 version of your emulator, the videos for these games are the only ones that I had to rename. Everything else worked just fine.

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cba told me not to release the latest showcase...you can read though the threads neil cba and iceman acted like children so the guy with it didnt release it he said they are spoit babies and not worth the 25gig upload so I agreed...think it was 2200 games to showcase level but included a few cores...sf3, killer instincts etc.....all of which ill get around to making a better job when I have time...so they are smoothly intergrated as seen by SNES and Megadrive


:) there are alot of others if you build a full list.... due to many issues.....in showcase I put clone if parent didnt work or clone was better (less buggy or better version)...I would normally merge the parent and clone and name it as the clone so only the working rom appears....but stuff like sf1 changed to sf at some point and stuff like that....so the names dont match the latest sets in a few places

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cba told me not to release the latest showcase


WTF, liar.

Even if this was the case, which it wasnt, since when do you listen to anyone ?

What was actually said was you souldn't release your "personal build" that actually contained everyone elses work.

Nothing at all to do with a showcase at all, you seem to be missing a lot of everyday skills.

Then you wonder why nobody wants to help you or submitted any designs for your GUI.

Although i can understand why no-one has submitted anything.

Oh, why do i bother ?

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alot of your threads where removed cba but anyone can read though and see your a liar...we both know clearly that you said it and people that release it said....cba is a child no need to release it :) I agreed and so did everyone with it


also there have been submissions.....just none from this forum except for you tubes of other peoples....the real work on this stuff happen in xbmc team....im just giving you the chance dont care one way or the other...ill go forward with or with you guys its allways been that way :ph34r: and allways will be....


read above threads or any of my locked threads to see why you havent got alot of stuff thats lying around

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It's hilarious to see you keep throwing out our names and blaming us for things. Anyone with basic language skills, (something you lack) can see in all of your over edited locked threads that the only child around here, is you.


Oh and did you know? They had a cure for cancer lying around, but cba told them not to release it. Oh well.

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