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What size HDDs do you guys/gals have?

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I'm thinking and hoping that 320gb will suffice for ResX stuff- I'm looking just for - NES, SNES, Genesis/megadrive, N64, Atari2600, and Mame/neogeo stuff


I got a 10gb file that was a coin-ops show case - and I believe it has all the videos and screen shots. I can't wait till the ResX stuff is released - hopefully someone will nicely package everything - so I can just FTP it on over :D

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I have 9 x Xbox's, 3 with 160 gig hdd's, 1 with an 80gig sata, 2 with stock hdd that i just tsop flashed and a 400gig sata that will go into one of them. 1 new crystal xbox that will get a bigger (250gig hdd or bigger ) and 2 x that are under repair that will also get larger hdd's when i find some cheap. I stream about half of my movies and music but one has about 60 gig of kids movies so they can watch without needing the pc on.

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If you are going the SATA/adapter route I would recommend staying away from the 2TB Hitachi drives. I tried one in a couple of different XBoxs and kept getting an error 9. I have since read other people have had problems with trying to get the Hitachi drives to work.

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