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FBL Singularity Skin


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Here's a few snaps of my basic (100% working) layout of my skin for FBL.

Unfortunately my camera work isn't up to much but you get the idea.

Full 1280x720 mainmenu featuring a full screen (1280x720) video presentation.

Full 1280x720 rombrowser menu featuring a huge (640x640) rom dialogue.

A 504x384 video/preview window giving a 480x360 preview.

A 344x264 dual preview window giving a 320x240 preview for title/action shots.

My intention is to re-encode most of the video's as they are bad aspect ratio's or too large

ie 10mb, 15mb etc. They should be between 5 - 6mb.

Im also doing away with action shot's and replacing them with Title shots as the video's provide the action.

Small HDD users would have to stick with just screenshots in one form or another.

I haven't optimised any of the graphics yet, to which i have 2 phases, which would reduce them by over 60%

as i haven't found it necessary. YET. This won't turn your world upside down BUT

it does show what can be achieved so the good skinners out there may get some ideas.





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It's not very imaginative i know.

I leave the cool looking stuff to you Neil222, Frank Morris and of course Gilou9999/Gilles9999.

I enjoy all of your work as you all have slightly different styles. I like em all.

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This version is up to date. I think. lol.




And some thumbnails for your dashboard.

Put them in the root folder of the emulator.



You will have to convert the mainmenu video from wmv to xmv

and then put it in the skin folder.

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I will post an ini fix later. Nothing radical everything works as is.

When you pause the emulation the screenshots werent mapped.

I have corrected this and will post the fixed ini (in text format) tonight.

While im on the subject i have remapped this skin for SD Widescreen users

as i had to set it up at a friend's house. Would anyone be interested in it ?

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