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FBL Singularity Skin


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There a lots of quality skins for this emulator already.

The reason being is its so open ended for users to contribute.

Coupled with its dynamic skin engine gives it real possibilities.

Try some of Gilou/Gilles9999 or Neil222's stuff. I think Frank Morris made one also.

They all have different styles and different resoloutions for TV's.

I believe im the only one so far to opt for a full screen video for the mainmenu (even in 1280X720) which

is a shame as i was hoping it would inspire some of the more talented graphical artist to top it.

Maybe they are/have just awaiting release, who knows.

Glad you liked it. Will tweak them all again soon when i get my inspiration head on.

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Hang on, i have the experimental version on a spare xbox here.

PM me and i'll give you a link.

The new version im working on needs the transparency fixed default.xbe

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Thats cause everything is gone, deleted, even the skins.

I don't sit still for long, always looking for alternative or better methods.

Square/rectangular previews are so 90's, time to move on.

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