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ZsnexBox 3.6


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Thanks dont know if snes9xbox or what ever its called can do the same this way these 2 emus can share videos....and users can take advantage of having both on the box..hi Doa I see you viewing... :) :)

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hi, nes awhile back i tried to use zsnexbox 3.5 with video previews. but i ran into a problem it would play the video once then go to slide show of the screenshots but when highlighted it again it won't play the video again just the screenshots?


maybe a existing problem that your aware of but i just wanted to make sure your aware of it. (if i'm doing something wrong then sorry for the post)


your doing a great job with both Final burn legends and Zsnexbox (best emulators on the xbox) :)

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i hope next we can see the option to turn off video preview sound while rom browsing and keep the background music going :) just a hope.



yes, i second that :)

i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music.

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