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  1. NES 1466 roms is done. GB, GBC, GBA full set supported by RX synopsis will be done by saturday, then run088 can compile a new cat.
  2. D.O.A since you're including some xport emul to launch, could you add "ArnoldX" the Amstrad computer emul from Xport ?
  3. I have no chip softmoded XBOX but I can boot any prog I want. XBMC is default, boot pushing A pad for Unleash, boot pushing X pad for Coinops, and so on.
  4. It's like the nude hack for DOA xtreme on xbox and then on the 360. It's useless, but we do it because we can. I don't know if I want to rename all my roms to Coinops format but I like the idea of being able to do so if I want to.
  5. Just finished a script to get the games list and driver list done. GameGear 344 games GAMEX( 1994, GG_5in1Funpak, 0, cps3, cps3, nocpu, ROT0, "Game Gear", "5 in 1 Funpak", GAME_NOT_WORKING|GAME_NO_SOUND ) GAMEX( 1993, GG_AAHarimanada, 0, cps3, cps3, nocpu, ROT0, "Game Gear", "A A Harimanada", GAME_NOT_WORKING|GAME_NO_SOUND ) * * * GAMEX( 1993, GG_Zool, 0, cps3, cps3, nocpu, ROT0, "Game Gear", "Zool", GAME_NOT_WORKING|GAME_NO_SOUND ) GAMEX( 1995, GG_Zoop, 0, cps3, cps3, nocpu, ROT0, "Game Gear", "Zoop", GAME_NOT_WORKING|GAME_NO_SOUND ) DRIVER( GG_5in1Funpak) DRIVER( GG_AAHarimanada) * * * DRIVER( GG_Zool) DRIVER( GG_Zoop) GameBoy, GBAdvanced, NES to be next
  6. I could inish your SNES list by hand but we still would have NES, Gameboy and others. I'll try to fix a script to get the year for each games that would work for any system.
  7. I'm looking for a way to do that in a clever way. I have not experience at coding but I'll try something in PHP to scrap years from rx synopsys.
  8. I should have time on monday. Can you give me the SNES list first, to see how long it takes by hand.
  9. Yes that was me. I can use "LusSpace FE" dats to get the year. The dat goes like that "Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (E) [!];0;Adventure;1992;0;7590;Europe;; Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (F);0;Adventure;1992;0;7590;France;; Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (G) [a1];0;Adventure;1992;0;7590;Germany;; Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!];0;Adventure;1992;0;7590;USA;; ..... Super Mario World (U) [!];0;Platform;1991;0;8302;USA;;" "Super Mario Bros. 3 (J) (PRG1);0;Platform;1990;0;5849;Japan;; Super Mario Bros. 3 (PC10);0;Platform;1990;0;5849;Unknown;; Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PRG0) [!];0;Platform;1990;0;5849;USA;;" I have no idea if you can get the year out the string in an automated way. If yes, it's great cause you could even get the type of game (puzzle, action, RPG), "LusSpace FE" dat are easy to get, if no, I can do some manually... ;
  10. Just be patient. I want to play Gran Turismo 5 for years, but I have to wait cause it's not out(finished?) yet. Their is a link for R4 somewhere above, take it and wait R5 to be finalized.
  11. Impressive thread. Too bad I was away when the SNES stuff went up. I would have requested DRIVER( TetrisBattleGaiden ) GAMEX( 1993, TetrisBattleGaiden, 0, cps3, cps3, nocpu, ROT0, "Super NES", "Tetris Battle Gaiden", GAME_NOT_WORKING|GAME_NO_SOUND ) for the year, maybe "LusSpace FE" dats can be usefull. If their is no way to retrive the year automatically I'm willing to help put them in by hand. ** Coming back to folders. Is it possible to make Coinops look in subfolders ? I have splited my roms in "/roms/snes/eu" "/roms/snes/us" "/roms/snes/jap a-n" "/roms/snes/jap m-z" "/roms/snes/hack" *** Coinops would even be better with the new gun support implemented. *** With so many new machines in Coinops, could we have a GUI with pages to filter systems like it was in Gogos FBA "NeoGeo" ®} "CPS1" ®} "CPS2" ®} "Others" ®} "NeoGeo" Lots of requests at once...
  12. EMS LCD TopGun works with xbox mame emulators (thank you cba.gy for the rom list) and with zsnesbox, but don't work with any NES emulators T_T no original Duck Hunt with this one. On a CRT, the Beretta worked fine.
  13. Any change of core planed to play "Yoshi avalaunch" and other games that don't work ?
  14. That worked for me too. You have to calibrate and play in 480p (not sure about 480i) and put your screen in non-widescreen (if you have an HD TV) But still, using the EMS topgun II in Coinops when the gun is pluged in, the rom list scroll down or up unless I hold the gun a particular spot. Is their a way around that ?
  15. Is there an hidden option or something I have to change to pause the game, go bak to romlist with Left Trigger + Right Trigger Back + Start Left Trigger + Back Right Trigger + Back For me only Right Stick pauses is working...
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