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Any reason you went along with these names for the roms?











Just wondering, because that means that there would have to be 2 separate sets of videos if you wanted video representation for them in CoinOPS as well as the console emulators. I suppose you'd need the same for artwork too.



EDIT: I did just reduce the size of my video files by more than half using an audio compression feature in our little WMV to XMV converter which saved us about 52GB. It would be a shame to have to give up 15-20 of those freed up GB to house clones of the videos/artwork because they have to be named differently from emu to emu.

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please let me know what is more mame drivers????


no one has answered this question yet


----------------------- R5 Build -----------------------


Pole Position (Now Playable Properly)

Pole Position 2 (Now Playable Properly)

Hangon (Now Playable Properly)

Super Hangon (Now Playable Properly)

Hydra (Now Playable Properly)

Double Dragon 2 (speed hack added)

Party Time : Gonta the Diver II ( fixed Now Playable)

Rad Mobile (fixed analog controls somewhat)

Rad Rally (fixed analog controls somewhat)

Sonic 3D (fixed analog controls somewhat)

Spectrum 2000 (Background Sound Fixed)

Syvalion (Now Playable Properly)

Players Choices (now single screen bios)

Fire Hawk (Background Sound Fixed)

Cyberball (speed hack added)

1000 Miglia Great 1000 Miles Rally ( Fixed )

Great 1000 Miles Rally Evolution Model (Fixed)

Mille Miglia 2 Great 1000 Miles Rally (Fixed)

Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 (Fixed)

added custom alha fade for video not linked to screenshot

seperated alpha fade and position/size for vertical and horizontal games for pictures and video

added dual screenshot/video support for skinning

added video help now as well as scrolling text (adds 30megs)

added new screensaver mode

added added option to overlay info on random pictures screensaver or random video screensaver

fixed continous scanning though videos now it looks once per line move (if you have alot of video and one is missing it access the 50 times a sec to look)

added option to fast scroll (without preview so it moves rapidly with triggers but no previews at the time of scrolling fast)

added new folders for games / NES / FBA / FB / Genisis / SNES / Old Mame core / XBOX games

added xml into f drive to aid with autolauch of new cores

reintroduced Skin selector screen

Fixed alot of lightgun sources (thanks Mawunit)

added xml to cutom launch games with different core

added oldschool CPS2 or new CPS2 option


----------------------- R4 Build -----------------------

Added animation support to skin engine

Added all new Double Dragon 3 (japanese one is alot better)

Updated CP2 games

Street Fighter 2 Anversay edition (Now Playable )

Pheniox edition of CP2 games (Now Playable )

Updated Sega System32 driver (Golden Axe 2, Spiderman etc)


Updated Sega System32 driver (Golden Axe 2, Spiderman etc)



What happened to these updates? :)

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well lots are cut and alot are in....most are in...Ive added alot more drivers than that list anyways...and alot has been in the other releases like R4 just I havent told people how to use it...or docummented it...and of course alot has been stremlined. Ive removed all CPS2 stuff and sega stuff at present due to other peoples issues with open source...and all the Showcase stuff...actually that build has changed a heap....alot of that has been done properly now not hacked in like that build...and basically I run 2 builds now one that cant be shown due to the issues well shown and another build I patch stuff into for people....and stuff changes every second day so lists like that are non usefull months later as alot gets put on the cutting floor if I dont see any point for the people that I give it to and it just adding clutter....like Pheniox CPS2... in esense if you guys sorted out the forum stuff properly so the stuff could be discussed properly the features and added stuff wouldnt be just decided by a couple of people....and finalised as to what we believe is good and what is clutter, but at present I do most work and bounce it off a few people and then it gets finalised and I dont look back...I look forward to maybe even something completely diff....


EG I put in NeoGeo roms added 100 or so in a few days worked out it was easy as....but me and one other person who told me about the hacks decided the ones to go in properly and added them..the rest are remed out due to all the work of naming everything properly and setting up vmm for everything and we werent going to use any so I didnt spend the 5 mins on each other game to make sure there were no 720p issues etc which I do on every game.....eg I had to test all 1800 new games on SD and HD and fix any that didnt work :)


DRIVER( ironclad )

DRIVER( tgm2 )

DRIVER( tgm2p )

DRIVER( mwarr )

DRIVER( ffightb ) /* 12/1989 © (World) */

// DRIVER( kinst ) // added elsewhere

// DRIVER( kinst2 ) // added elsewhere

DRIVER( neopong )

DRIVER( d2k )

DRIVER( d2k11 )

DRIVER( kof97pj )

DRIVER( samsh4fc )

DRIVER( lastbl2b )

DRIVER( lbboss )

DRIVER( wh2ey )

DRIVER( cnbe )

DRIVER( mspacmnf )

DRIVER( frogfest )

DRIVER( ltorb1 )

DRIVER( neonopon )

DRIVER( poknight )

DRIVER( senku3b )

DRIVER( njmeh )


these have also been added in I believe..... also another 50 NeoGeo bootleg source wise lie on my PC just cant be bothered adding them as they looked bad and id have to tidy everything up...but if someone requests one ill spend the 5-10 mins and add it in.


I removed the poll as new drivers was not backed up with what they want.... (new core will never happen from me and would reduce the speed alot of games that play well now)


****if the other people that complain about open source agree to let me do what I want and I supply the source, ill add some more CPS2 patchs back in .... but im writing stuff from the ground floor on that stuff and learning alot and it all seems pretty easy stuff so I want to redo it anyways at present....just takes time...




alot of that stuff needs to be patch across from the showcase 2 build.....which should have been out months ago and as you saw by the pics ive posted has over 4000 games running



The rom name changes is done for a few reasons...mame cant support the same name conventions driver wise....so I added an extrension on the front


eg MDRIVE_ or SNES_ and removed all - ? * ' etc as it cant be used as a mame driver...I would have gone with an exact match if I could have.


Do you want to supply the videos for a greatest hits SNES and MD rx....as ive done the pics from your stuff and tidied them up when they had black bars and optomised the new build towwards that list...I tested all 1800 games though and added some missing ones....but im new to this and I must say SNES games I love and some MD games are good to and really fit into CoinOPS well

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Well I'm planning on being done with my work in about 45 days which won't really leave me any time for putting that together. The videos/artwork will be available easily enough though when that time comes and should be pretty easy for somebody to put something together. I think just between Genesis and SNES we have about 3,000 videos or some crazy number like that, so you'll have plenty to choose from.


It's a bummer we couldn't use the same names. I suspected that was the problem in the first place.


Is there a newest datfile laying around with the Arcade roms you've included? I'd like to start getting the MAME/FBL arcade videos packs put together. I have the HD videos, and there's about 4,000 of them.




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wont be happening for a while sorry :) this is a mountain of work just getting this all perfected


just use old dats.....from mamedox they are pretty close


sorry but this is pointless to me as I did the whole set in the first week I added vid as you would well know

and ive allready opomised a full set....

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