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Yet another hijacked thread


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Agreed. There is also much shorter loading times, and the sets are the latest referenced in MAME, so definitely more accurate. That's a very important point.


BTW Nes, as i don't work today (sweet lol), i did some changes to Neogeo drivers. Please check your PM box later in the day. Moooooooo!

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i did some changes to Neogeo drivers.


sounds interesting, what are the changes and how will they effect emulation ? , or is it secret ;);)


I'm still keeping FBAxxxpro at the moment because you can overclock to remove slowdown, and also select neogeo console bios.

but i don't like not having highscore saving, are highscores saved in legends for games like capcom, Psikyo, cave etc... shooters ?


can't wait to try grandmaster2, if it gets added :)

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just fixed the Psyko to be less acurrate in CoinOPS like in this FBL...I tried it and notice one of the title layers in Striker games was missing the transpency and looks alot worse (clouds) so the driver needed some downscaling like raiden fighters did.


I removed all the alpha blending effects in fba-xxx, otherwise the speed took a serious hit. I have a few ideas on adding it back in, but I can't assure that it will run 60/60.


(PS all those other drivers are being speed up with some help from one of the orig FBA dev)

Wow! A real live FBA dev? which one? lol ;)

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gogo ;) is spending a little time but not much hes got a woman that keeps him busy. Hes a good guy those and giving me pointers when I see him to fix a few of these games.


Some of the stuff mentioned is emulated less accurately than CoinOPS but can be altered by filters I guess without speed drop, an example is after burner seems to play better on CoinOPS the frame rate is a little off in FBL but wasnt in FB there is quite a few games like this, ill stay out of this stuff as it can get controversal im sure but im testing what this thread topic is for my self. (sba if you want I have all the games I mentioned and find and the videos PM me sometime if you want)

I personally would ague that CoinOPS gui is easier to sort....and easier to use and the options are more refined to what people want to do if they just play games. An example is screen rotation is way more intuative id say in my build and does what it should but these are personal things I guess. I gave FBL to people I know and asked what they wanted me to add and after a little while of using this they didnt want me to add anything to CoinOPS (except for a few games like powerdrift) and are happy with the way the GUI in CoinOPS is for there HD TV and there cabs. Maybe its what they are used to, also they wouldnt want to micro manage screensizes, rotations, filters, autofires keymaps again for every game as they run more than 1200 unique games. Anyway I know your build will suit alot around with its per game setup and being set to later game sets alot more, and it really is nice. Im happy with my options and GUI personally and people I know are so I wont ague with whats better to me its horses for courses and ive agued this for years ive made my build to users of massive amounts of games...straight out of the box to work with stuff that is automatic and structured to do tasks they want to do, and removed as much micro management as I can.


If you have time iq would you like to optomise a few games properly and I know your good at it hehehehe


NeoGeo to me looked identical so I must be missing stuff what do the later sets fix?

also CPS2 looks identical to me apart from speed in some places what did they fix in later sets (although its switchble now thanks to iq)


PS it sadens me to see this talk about aspect ratio is is easy to test what video res you are running in and to set the flages to stretch,scale or zoom the 3d box ( I have set mine to stretch and it only autodetects 480i(then no NTSC/PAL detection)480p(knownsize as it has to be NTSC)and 720P(knowsize) anbd could fit aspect correction for known size stuff pretty easy, to do this I would add PAL/NTSC detection) all the source is in XBMC source code and open source, it really is just up to the emulator persons choice, you can see CoinOPS can detect screensive automatically just by going between low and hidef TVs and it automatically sets up screensizes...Virtual Mem etc everything.

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If you want to Play








Most Konami


Many Sega


FBL is the way to go. The GUI is better. The options are better. The speed is better (you will never play CPS1, CPS2, Cave, or NeoGeo games with software filters at 1080i and get 60 FPS on CoinOps). The rendering is better. The HD support is better. The controller support is better. I could go on.


Anything that FBL doesn't run correctly, doesn't run at all, or doesn't run at 60 FPS (like taito games) should be played on CoinOps or some other version of MAME as a backup.


While I truly believe CoinOps R3 ended up as the best version of MAME on the XBox, I think this post here from nes6502 pretty much nails it for the thread starter. There will obviously be some exceptions based on varying user preferences, but there really isn't any point in Xbox users pitting these two (or any Xbox apps) against one another.


The Xbox scene benefits either way by such marvelous efforts. I think of how far the scene has come since just a couple of years ago. Who would've thought we'd ever get this far.

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sure I disagree slightly on some stuff like 720p users stuff as some stuff didnt work in that res on FBL and everything does in CoinOPS also CoinOPS is automatic in HD support...also some stuff in that list runs better on CoinOPS frame rate wise with no filters on both emus and not just one or 2 games but I dont really want to get into that I listed one or 2 previously check them out yourself. But anyways id like to actually make a streamline version for this emu as well as it does play some games that CoinOPS cant also it plays some games better (also on a code note its sperated xbe wise for the drivers as well so that is good for the future)

Anyways I dont want to ague its up to you guys on what you want and for you to look at anything the way you want it...ive run alot of tests with about 10 people and ill be making my own personal build (and looking at reason why some stuff runs better like posted early and it helped me fix the frame rate in CoinOPS) and I thank NES for adding stuff that will probably never run in CoinOPS never will and allowing some stuff like CPS2/NEOGeo and Pyk games to be able to run with filters I dont use them but if I wanted to id have to use this for sure. The control support is better in FBL? I dont think it supports usb or track or mouse for cab users and you cant define all keys that I can find also alot of games only play in digital or analog and not both (how do I fix that?) I dont think it supports global keys can that be altered as well?


Cheers im out of here but if anyone truely wants to make a small optimed build for the what the starter thread done ive assebled alot of stuff with the videos and pics and can work with you guys to help that side out...I dont want to ague about it. If thats the case then ill make my own personal build and all will be sweet in the world.


PS im looking and have achieved fixing some games that work better in FBA by looking at why they do but they will never run as well with filters on.


********Also id agree that NES6502 discription was 95 percent accurate and the best way to discribe the differences without getting into small specifics*************

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Anything that FBL doesn't run correctly, doesn't run at all, or doesn't run at 60 FPS (like taito games) should be played on CoinOps or some other version of MAME as a backup.


What games are these? I want to split the games up and put the best ones under the respective emulator.



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