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Most likely will do once I've seen what the Legends GUI is like.

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Probably not long now Ice_Man, it'll be like your bithday everyday.

I think the skin scenario is gonna be a right user mutiple choice.

There will be "loads" to choose from at release time.

In fact it's gotta be the only emulator that has a following and

design interest before its even released.

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Showcase was released via torrents (10GB) which included everything.

Will Legends be available to us via the same process and will it include all roms etc. for us newbies?

I've got the rom set available through BAED 3b, although I'm sure this is well out of date.

An extremely big thank you to NES6502 for all the effort!

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oh yes im aware of that torrent, the videos were poor. I have a full up to date rom set.

I was wondering if there were any changes thats all

You are very lucky to have an up to date rom set!

I was hoping NES6502 might reply re torrent info (are latest roms included etc.).

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I honestly can't see that happening, i believe it uses roms that are compatable with FBA.

There are exact details somewhere in this forum i think. Ill have a look for you and see what i can did up.


Mame 0.134 or Final Burn Alpha 029706 roms, but dont quote me on that.

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