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How do we deal with new rom sets ?

Mine are currently built using dats from R2


----------------------- R3 Build -----------------------


Avengers In Galactic Storm (Now Playable)

Boogie Wings (***Now Fixed***) iq_132 you are the man

Bonk's Adventure (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

B Rap Boys (***Now Playable with some Graphic Glitches***) iq_132 you are the man

B Rap Boys Special (***Now Playable with some Graphic Glitches***) iq_132 you are the man

Blood Warrior (Now Playable)

Bakuretsu Breaker (Now Playable)

Bubble 2000

Cosmic Alien (Now with Sound)

Deer Hunting (Now Playable)

Double Dragon 3 (Japanese and Clones Now Playable)

Dunk Dream 95 (Now Playable)

Explosive Breaker (Now Playable)

Fighters History (Now Playable)

Fire Hawk

Fujiyama Buster (Now Playable)

Guardian Storm", 0 )

Hacha Mecha Fighter (Now Playable)

Hoops 96 (Now Playable)

Hot Bubble

Pop's Pop's


Night Slashers (***Now Playable ***) iq_132 you are the man

Night Slashers (Japan version with blood and gore) (***Now Playable***) iq_132 you are the man

Red Hawk (US)

Red Hawk (Italy)

Red Hawk (Excellent Co., Ltd)

Red Hawk (bootleg) [this one is horizontal ^^]

Shogun Warriors (Now Playable)

Spectrum 2000 (Euro)

Stagger I (Japan)

Sen Jin - Guardian Storm (Korea) [this one is horizontal ^^]

Skull Fang (Now Playable)

Trophy Hunting - Bear & Moose (Now Playable)

Thunder Heroes (Now Playable)

Turkey Hunting (Now Playable)

Twin Action

US Mustang (Now Fixed)

Wing Shooting Championship (Now Playable)

World Cup Volley 95 (Now Playable)

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Soooooo R3's coming out, so its gonna be a standalone right? If so I can just put all of the xtra stuff in showcase and put that stuff in R3 causing me to have R3 "showcase" correct? If so can somone please make a link with R3 included with all the new games added...its becoming hard to keep up with Iq's badass work...



link for download please!!!!!

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right thats it uploaded.the only kaneko game that i found that needs updating is great 1000 mile rally us version.

quick review

night slashers-excellent game especially the japanese version a little bit of blood goes a long way(tip turn on vmm to play the japanes version as you will get a out of memory error if you dont)

skull fang-a great shooter with good graphics,another excellent addition.

bonks adventure-plays really well and has some great tunes

b rap boys-if you thought dj boy was mental just wait until you play this.an excellent game.


hats off to iq 132 and bp for these great games

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