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The tale of a pickup artist that failed.


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The tale of a pickup artist that failed.

My names paul emsley – I have learned millions of things in my pursuit of one thing – to attract women.

Sadly I still suck at it.


I learned about the female mind and how it is wired differently to males – for instance did you know that women feel up to ten times more emotion than men? And that you can make a woman have an orgasm through the power of words alone? Those are just two of the things I have learned on my road to becoming a “player” or “pick up artist.”


I went from having reasonable natural game to totally sucking my own balls hard.


I have reached the edge – I am almost what the pickup community calls a “fallen comrade” a guy who just utters “can’t be arsed with them or they are all cunts” And rightly so – the natural attraction process is EXTREMLY against men been successful and it is a REAL conspiracy. In nature and in societies roots.

I have fallen over a hundred times in my mind – only to pick it up and start again – I am not disserving of a beautiful woman – I know this – she and her beauty are entitled to more than I could possibly ever give her – and she knows this – woman although possibly insane due to emotion over powering logic in her mind can gauge perfectly who they can have and what they can have.


So I learned not to let them have me – I learned to let them pursue me.


However I learned that most women who are not amazingly attractive don’t really give a shit about anything, playing women from a council estate in England only results in bricks been hurled through your window, a brawl in a local pub, or simply losing her to a guy with more cash or loads of cocaine.

My game is calibrated for upper class women I will never get to interact with – I have more balls than an elephant when it comes to attracting them – yet it eludes me. I can game a woman so hard that and re frame her mind set that it drives them insane – but what I REALLY learned is THIS:

Women like to think they have power over you or an element of control when they feel this power slipping away it scares the shit out of them – her man won’t hunt food – he sleeps with other women – he spreads his seed among the others for her to be left with a baby and no man to guard her. She is left for a LESSER male to take care of her – she is ruined.


I am not one to be fucked with I have complete social intelligence I guard my friends and family I fight for the ones who cannot fight I encourage where it is needed. I am complete – however my money is not. I craft powerful allies to my side with charm and mutual respect. A crown court judge once stated I was very manipulative – he was wrong – I am merely surviving in a world that he cannot comprehend – the stronger reality wins.


Nature is weeding me out of existence – all I want is a family of my own – nothing I have learned or tried appears to work, three months back my mind set when I saw a highly attractive woman was “My cock is the prize.” Now I take a look at myself and see me for what I really am, a guy with no job, but big dreams, a guy with a shit flat, a guy with reasonable good looks and a great personality... All of which can be found under a rock. And now when I see the woman I say “I can but dream.” And will continue to do so until the prize is given to me and I no longer want it simply because I know I disserve it.

Love and respect,


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Your trying too hard and reading too into it. All that pickup artist shit is a scam, It works the same way Astrology does. They want you to keep paying to go to meetings/buying books/etc. Forget everything you know and just make lots of friends, eventually a friend may evolve into more than a friend.


That's all I did, and it was all I was planning to do. Every single girl I have ever dated (and now the one I am going to marry) I pretty much met by accident. I put forth absolutely zero effort to attract any of them. In fact I made them go on for days/weeks hinting about how much they liked me and making it painfully obvious before I would even acknowledge it. I don't let them fuck around either and I let them know. I straight up told all my ex's if you play games or fuck around on me, There is no discussion, you are out, and I don't want to hear from you ever again. If you think I'm lying, try me. And I've done it before too. I put up with ZERO games, I HATE that shit. Even if its something minor it's not something I want to put up with/possible allow to escalate.

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Yeah i'd have to agree with Shiba, no playing games bro its just not worth it. That whole pickup-artist, having "game" bullshit accounts for relatively nothing in the presence of a person who chooses to be with you, and inversely who you choose. I wouldn't say you're reading too much into it because it helps to know how women work, but are you trying to hard? I think so, but only in the sense that you're letting it affect you too seriously. But that's only because you're playing the "game". Don't play the game man... just look for opportunities, don't expect results because women pickup on pretentiousness. What I think women want, or anybody for that matter, is honesty. And if you show that at least you were being true to yourself, failure or not, and you'll have nothing to regret because you see thats the whole point... regret. Regret will turn a man into something awful of himself inside. Don't regret the things in life you have experienced because you're just setting yourself up for the unnecessary pain we all have gone through – self-pity.


You will find someone... just don't get so caught up that when that someone (who could be anybody if your mind is right) is there for you to try for, you end up not even notice because you're too caught up in yourself; too much vanity.

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I agree w/these guys. Here's what I say:


Not all women are the same. In fact, like the ones you described I have nothing to do with. Believe it or not, there are ACTUALLY some SANE chicks out there...and they're not all ugly either.


Just be who you are. From what I get, you're attractive and you've got a great sense of humor.


Don't be too analytical about things.


Go out and have fun. Not the kind of fun of screwing everyone. But actual legit fun. Invite people over, have some drinks, play some games (video, board, cards etc.) Join some groups that strike an interest in you. Converse with people..get to know the person so they can do the same about you.


An important note: Don't set your expectations too high. You'll never get perfection in an imperfect world.


But most importantly, don't pretend to be something you're not. You'll only hurt yourself more.

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As others have said, the whole pick up thing is a complete farce, designed to suck in lonely and unfortunate men who don't have a solid sense of self esteem. Don't buy into it.


I too have struggled with women, but I've found that what works is to have a healthy and positive self image, not to take anything too seriously, and to put myself out there on a regular basis.


Consequently, I have attracted females not by using the "Mystery Method" or any crap like that, but by just being myself. As cliched as it sounds, it works. Not all the time, and not with all women. But it will work with the women that are compatible with you, which will probably be the women you'll find interesting.


So tell lack of "Style," "Misery" and "David (in denial) DeAngelo" to go fuck off. You can attract women in your own way.


Don't try too hard, either. And I definitely agree with Shiba's "no tolerance" approach when it comes to female mind games. Don't play them. Just move on.

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Nice posts guys - ya see I devled in to the whole seduction thing when I was dating the love of my life I wanted to know how to "keep her." It DID help more david deangelos stuff than anything else that I have tried. I get my fair share so please dont think Im some lonely ass guy who cant pick up a chick :D


This stuff does help guys who have zero game IE virgins, geeks, bedroom dwellers - but i was all compus mentus when I started with this stuff just purely out of interest. I got burned really REALLY bad and I have never been the same since - so I started to read more and more to protect my self in the future.


It's important to be your self - but adding a little spice can only help - the whole mystery method thing and magic bullets sucks in my opinion - but I do have some time for david deangelo, that guy helped me a lot with my inner game - there is something stuck in my sole or brain or whatever that I cant get rid off And I have no idea what it is.

Thanks for reading all and thanks for your posts.

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I'm so glad I haven't had to worry about this stuff for many years.

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If you've ever read The Game from start to finish, you'd know that the insecurities and immaturity of all of the pick-up artists mentioned emerged towards the end and how negatively it had begun to affect them.

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Is letting go the answer? Is it the answer to everything? What IS letting go?


I have no clue, but this idea of mine that just appeared into my head, this perspective, hopefully is the ultimate one.

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