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Not the final one I have alot of stuff in BETA but im just choosing to not ague anything and take it underground there are now many more people questioning my working practises. Alot of others have promised stuff, I hold little to no hope of seeing anything and thats why I didnt work with them......I would so love to be proven wrong but I would nearly bet ill see nothing really. Around Xmas ill release lot of drivers that ive worked on but that requires alot of work to make it sure it doesnt effect anything else it will have more features id say but at the moment im hard at work on one of my projects and its starting to take shape nicely. Zoul it wasnt cause of you (Im well aware of all that screensizing stuff and sure I could find a solution for everything if I thought about it for an hour or 2) it was cause of many people really and alot of critism for me personally and they way I work.... there is alot of people that talk alot and dont really help so im better off to let them prove themselves properly and do my own stuff and see how I go


Good luck to all :P

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One week till SHOWCASE so I need someone to release it they will need 5 hours of there time plus.... and also an FTP that I can access any takers????


also I need to know


4.5 GIG single disc (also fit onto E drive) 350 GAME Pack


8 GIG dual layer disc 700 GAME Pack


People arnt really interested in my personal build sync in which case ill save my bandwidth :D


what do you guys prefer???


these packs are fully tested in SD and HD and synced with HQ videos, pictures and everything else for no issues gaming

if someone want to spend 10 hours I could sync both builds SHOWCASE and SHOWCASE+

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